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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t An Outdoor Chef

  1. You’re scared of getting a Grilla Grill and not knowing what to cook to feed yourself or your family. 

Don’t worry. Grilla has you covered. We have hundreds of recipes on our recipe page and blog and social media. With our recipes you won’t go hungry and uninspired, we love to cook and we know you will too on our grills. Grillas Recipes

2. You’re afraid of being the life of the party and becoming super popular. 

The outdoor cooking experience grants you access to a life you may not have had before. People will flock to you and perhaps you aren’t ready for the power that an outstanding pellet grill holds. You get to join the lovely and welcoming Grilla community. We have a series of Facebook groups you can join to become a part of the Grilla community. (When you buy a grill you get directed to our Owners’ Group of over +20k grillers!) Owners Group

3. You’re afraid to own a quality product and become a master chef. 

The quality speaks for itself. Double-walled insulated grills for ultimate heat retention. Stainless Steel grill grates for epic cooking surface and durability. Some of our grills have Wi-Fi capabilities so you can cook from your phone. There’s nothing better than a brisket on the grill, cooking, from your couch. The Silverbac’s heavy-duty cart is made to travel over snow, mud, sand, and any other terrain. There is a 4-year warranty on all grills!

*Except the Chimp.

There’s no shortage of benefits when owning a Grilla.

Myth: Why does it cost $2,000+ to have a quality grill and start cooking outdoors? 

Truth: it doesn’t. 

There are so many reasons a lot of our competitors try to reason with charging large price tags for grills. There’s many differences between us and our competitors, here’s just a few if you aren’t going to count amazing around-the-clock customer service.

  1. Our double-walled insulation in the construction of our grills, not only holds in more heat and aids in unleashing smoky flavor.
  2. Both internal and external stainless steel components grant you peace of mind to know our products will weather the storm.
  3. We also have a dual smoke mode controller all that functionality from your phone. For less than all of our competitors.

The reason Grilla Grills has such a close following is that we put quality products out onto the market without having a retail overhead. We get the products directly to you and you get to reap the benefits and savings. 

Tips for finding the right grill for your needs

Read reviews – There are customer reviews for just about every grill on the market, so it’s a good idea to read a few before making a purchase. You’ll be able to get a better idea of the pros and cons of different models and find out what other people’s experiences have been with different grills.

Focus on important features – There are many features to choose from when shopping for a grill. Some grills even come with Wi-Fi or smartphone apps that make them easier to use. Such as  Alpha connect

When deciding which grill to purchase, it’s important to consider the cost of a quality grill. Cheaper grills are made with cheaper materials and are less likely to last as long as a higher-priced model. When you take the cost of the grill over its lifetime into account, you’ll find that it’s easier to justify spending a little bit more on a higher-quality grill.

We take into account every type of chef:

Chef On The Go!

Chimp Tailgater Pellet Grill

This chef values portability and ease of cooking.

The chimp would suit them the best. The chef with a variety of cooking styles. This is the perfect grill for tailgating or camping. The portability is the privilege of the chimp! We recommend picking your favorite pellets to tote around with you when you cook on the go.

The Homebody Chef.

grilla wood pellet grill

The OG Alpha Connect would do you well! This Grill was made to be seen because of its unique shape and iconic stackable cooking style. Instead of elongating the cooking space this vertical-style grill uses height to its advantage to really hold in the heat (thanks to our double-walled insulated materials)!

The Competition Chef.

The Kong will help you achieve and win all your BBQ competitions.

Kong Kamado Grill

This grill, while not a small dainty grill. Her size wields you nothing but absolute power. The single and only kamado grill in our entire line-up. This grill will gain you the freedom and customization power that other grill manufacturers only dream of. With accessories such as a diffuser and removable pizza stone ( both sold separately). This grill will grant you accessibility to smoking savory and sweet treats. The only way to cook is up! The Grilla Grills Kong is none to be trifled with.

Grilla Grills

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