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4 Benefits of Having a Cart for Your Grill

Like the majestic jungle dwellers we named them after, some of our grills are pretty hefty. Especially when it comes to big boys like the Silverbac pellet grill and Kong kamado grill, transportation can be a challenge. Add in rough terrain like gravel, sand, paving stones or even grass, and you’ve got an experience that will try any pitmaster’s patience. Don’t throw your back out trying to ironman that kamado. We’ve created two professional-quality grill carts, the Silverbac Pro Cart and the All-Terrain Kamado Cart, to give grill enthusiasts an advantage on any terrain. Check out these four key benefits that you can look forward to when you add a Pro Cart or Kamado Cart to your grill. 

1. It’s easy to reposition your grill on any kind of terrain. 

Nobody really enjoys lugging a big, heavy grill around their backyard or patio. With a grill cart, on the other hand, the world is your brisket. Move it across the patio wherever it’s needed, serve up burgers and dogs by the pool or even bring it out into the yard. (Remember to grab a Grilla Grills power inverter if you want to liberate your pellet grill from the extension cord!) 

Moving your grill over grass, sand, snow, gravel or other rough terrain? No problem. Both the Pro Cart and Kamado Cart are made with 14-gauge steel frames that handle all kinds of bumps and impacts gracefully. To guarantee a smooth ride for your grill, we added four advanced foam rubber wheels with ball bearings and steel rims, plus a live-axle and pull handle that makes it easy to steer without the need to pick up or drag the cart. 

You’ll also notice that, on the cart, your grill feels more stable and less top-heavy. The wide wheelbase and solid structure of our grill carts help prevent the everyday bumps and knocks most grills experience from turning into potentially disastrous tip-overs. While we design every grill for stability and durability, our carts take it to another level of performance, whether you’re in the backyard or on the competition lot.

2. Your grill is now ready for the road.

The convenience and stability of a grill cart are also a big deal any time you’re traveling with your grill. A solid set of wheels makes it easy to get your grill up a trailer ramp, and a built-in set of tie-down ports ensures it’s a cinch to get everything strapped down securely in your trailer or truck bed. (Plus, the extra stability from the broader wheelbase is huge for preventing tip-overs in transit.) This opens up some amazing possibilities. Always wanted to try out the BBQ competition circuit? Looking to take your grill on the family camping trip? Want to take it over to your buddy’s backyard for a summer shindig? You’re ready to do all of it when your grill is equipped with a rough-and-ready Grilla grill cart. 

Our grill carts also provide a travel-ready storage space for your essential grilling accessories and fuel. When you need some storage in a pinch, load it up with BBQ tools, wood pellets or anything else you need to bring with you. Competition pitmasters swear by plastic storage totes, which are spacious and easy to slip onto the deck of your Grilla Silverbac cart. (Just make sure you remove the tote before you fire up the grill!)

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3. Moving a kamado grill is no sweat. 

Kamado grills like the Grilla Grills Kong are amazing tools for grilling and smoking, but the same ceramic lining that gives them their smoky mojo also makes them heavy as all-get-out. Just moving one across the patio is a pain — and along the way, you’ve got to guard it carefully from bumps, jolts and tip-overs that could crack the ceramic shell.

We got fed up with having to call a friend every time we moved our kamados, and so we did what we always do: built a better tool to deal with it! That’s how we got the All-Terrain Kamado Cart, a competition-grade steel cart with the same foam-wheel, live-axle design that makes the Pro Cart so effective. 

With the Kamado Cart, it’s a snap to relocate your kamado anywhere you need it, and the rugged design means no more flinching as you take your kamado over the garage threshold. What’s more, the universal design of this cart lets you use it with almost any popular kamado grill, not just the Kong. (See a partial list of compatible kamados here!) 

4. Assembling your grill cart is a breeze.

Every minute you spend puzzling through grill cart instructions is a minute that you could be perfecting your dry rub, prepping a pork butt, or doing practically anything else. That’s why we made sure the Pro Cart and Kamado Cart are simple to put together! 

Most people already have the tools they need to assemble these carts at home, and the whole process usually takes an hour at most. For the Pro Cart, you’ll remove and reattach just four screws to take your Silverbac from the cabinet to the cart. The Kong is even easier, thanks to its adjustable straps that make it simple to seat securely in the cart. (You’ll still want to grab a helper to move the grill onto the cart.)

Finally, you’ll notice that all of our grill carts include modular attachment points in the bottom plate. These are perfect spots to attach your favorite bolt-on grill accessories, and we’ve even got some awesome modular Grilla gear of our own, like the Pro Cart Umbrella Holder — with more in the works! 

Check out our Grilla Grills all-terrain carts now, or shop all of our grilling accessories for more ways to customize and get the most from your grill! Oh, and if you prefer a grill with a cart already attached, check out the Silverbac AT — an all-terrain beast that’s ready to rumble from Day One. 

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