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4th of July Recipes for Your Smoker

grilled cheeseburger

When June gets in full swing, it can only mean one thing: Independence Day is just around the corner. To a pitmaster, that means a weekend of pellet grill excitement.

If you’re looking for unique 4th of July recipes your family and friends haven’t seen yet, we have your back. Our Grilla Grills experts have amassed tons of dishes ideally suited for a poolside picnic, beach blowout or campground kick-back. Check them out, pick your favorites and fire up your pellet grill.

Grab Some Grill Fuel

Snazzy Cocktails

While your food’s in the smoker, your guests will want to have cocktails, mocktails and other beverages in hand. Surprise everyone with a red, white and blue summer breeze drink.

The cocktail includes sugar, strawberries and liquor. However, you can make non-alcoholic versions by substituting any fruity juice for rum and the Curacao liqueur. Bonus points if you smoke your strawberries first to infuse them with the flavor of your favorite wood pellets.

Sizzling Main Courses

The main attraction of your 4th of July bash should be the go-to items that everyone can eat throughout the afternoon and evening. If you’re looking for more of a buffet-style spread, BBQ moink balls are a must. Bursting with beef and bacon, they fly off a smorgasbord. Make a double or triple batch so you don’t run out.

See a deal on chicken at your grocery store? Bookmark Alabama Chicken Leg Quarters from our Grilla Grills recipes. The ingredients are surprisingly minimal, but you’d never know it from the full-blown flavor. What’s the secret that makes these legs so tasty? Blame it on the fresh horseradish that gives it the precise amount of bite.

Of course, your BBQ couldn’t be complete without a burger. But why choose a burger you have to babysit? Our No Flip Burgers take out the need for hovering. Spend more time with your buddies and less time flipping meat.

Side Stars

Just like a movie, your July 4th grilling adventure needs supporting players. For a side dish overflowing with freshness, pull together Cajun Crab Stuffed Shrimp and Jicama Corn Salad. It’s zesty without being overpowering, and it certainly gives ordinary pasta salad a run for its money.

Vegetarians and veggies lovers will appreciate some skewers featuring mouthwatering produce like zucchini, squash and mushrooms. The addition of pineapples gives these kebabs a tangy overtone. Feel free to dress up the skewer experience by using rosemary stalks instead of wooden bamboo skewers.

Are you longing to create a potato salad that’s worthy of fireworks and sparklers? Whip up some South of the Border Sweet Potato Salad. You can adjust the heat and intensity to suit your palate. Don’t forget to add some fresh cilantro from your garden, if you have one.

Flashy Desserts

You’ll want to save room for dessert this July 4th, especially knowing that you’ve made Blackberry Peach Rum Pie. Blackberries are only in season for a flash, so grab them up early. Be sure to have plenty of vanilla ice cream on hand to go with each succulent slice.

This year, make the 4th of July an extra-special chance to feast, relax and recharge with a little help from our mouth-watering pellet grill recipes.

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