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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Grilla Grill

Sometimes, the universe gives you a sign to move on. You might realize your faithful old car is now spending more time in the shop than on the road, or you’ve outgrown your job and need a new challenge. Did that sentence make you cast an embarrassed glance at your old, beat-up BBQ grill? Don’t worry — we’ve all known that feeling. Here are the two key things to remember: One, know the signs that tell you when it’s time to upgrade your grill. And, two, make sure your upgrade actually is an upgrade! Every Grilla Grill is designed so that pitmasters don’t have to settle for less. If you’re thinking it might be time to buy a new grill, here are five signs that you’re ready for a Grilla!

three different types of grilla grills on a patio deck

1. Your old grill is in rough shape and you want to invest in quality.

Have you been getting by with a grill that’s seen better days? These are some of the key signs that it’s time to consider an upgrade:

  • Your grill has a significant amount of rust, or the rust has made holes.
  • Any part of your grill seems structurally unsound or unstable.
  • The grill’s firebox has developed holes or cracks.
  • Key mechanical parts like dampers or burners don’t work properly.
  • Interior parts of your grill have accumulated major gunk that you can’t get out.

Tired of replacing your grill every few years? A Grilla Grill is built with materials like double-walled stainless steel to give it a long and happy life. While you might miss the secret joy of having an excuse to constantly buy new grills (yeah, we see you), you’ll make up for it with a well-engineered, heavy-duty machine that won’t let you down when the heat is on.

2. You want to try out a popular style like a pellet grill or kamado grill.

Getting a different type of grill can be the perfect way to switch things up when you need a change, or just to try out some new recipes and techniques. These days, more types of grills than ever are on the market — so why limit yourself? 

Pellet grills and kamado grills are two popular types that are finding their way to many pitmasters’ patios. A pellet grill like the Grilla Silverbac is ideal for those who want the flavor of real wood cooking, but without the hassle and learning curve. (Check out some of our awesome pellet grill recipes to see what they’re capable of!)

Kamado grills like the Grilla Kong are a great choice for anyone in search of a more versatile take on the charcoal grill. The Kong’s Japanese-inspired design includes a ceramic lining that retains heat like no other style of grill, which means it also works great as a BBQ smoker.

3. You’re searching for better flavor and more consistent results.

If you started out using a budget grill or smoker, now might be the time to upgrade to a professional-quality model. Many entry-level models just can’t hang in a BBQ competition setting or a big cookout, so making the leap to a Grilla Grill is a smart call for anyone who’s ready to play with the big kids. We build our grills with the specs and features that pro pitmasters demand for competition-level cooking. Some of our major-league features include:

  • Double-walled construction to prevent heat loss (even in cooler temperatures)
  • TempTamer technology that mitigates temperature spikes from opening the lid
  • PID mode option for ultra-precise temperature control
  • Multiple varieties of quality natural wood pellets available so you can find your perfect smoke flavor 

a grilla grills grill kamado grill

4. Your grill isn’t big enough to feed a larger crowd.

That little charcoal grill the size of a dinner plate might be good for a casual picnic in the park. At a big cookout or tailgate, however, you might struggle to keep everybody fed! At Grilla Grills, we know all about keeping big crowds (and gorilla-sized appetites) happy and full. That’s why each of our grills is big enough to feed the whole tailgate group, Memorial Day BBQ or Little League team. 

Even our smallest grill, the Chimp, comes with a hefty 460 square inches of cooking space. Our biggest option, the Silverbac, has a massive 692 inches! Plus, almost all of our models offer an optional jerky rack or other extension rack to add hundreds more inches of cooking space. 

5. You wish your grill had 21st-century smart features.

Tired of babysitting your BBQ when you’d rather be socializing or watching the game? Wish you could check on your brisket from anywhere? Sounds like you might be ready for a WiFi pellet grill with Grilla Grills’ groundbreaking Alpha Connect technology!

With an Alpha Connect-equipped grill, you’ll have the power to check on and adjust almost every aspect of your grill from anywhere you have WiFi. Control the grill’s temperature, monitor the food, switch smoking modes and more — it’s all at your fingertips with the power of Alpha Connect. This tech now comes standard on every Grilla pellet grill model, including our flagship Silverbac with Alpha Connect!
Connect Your Cooking with a WiFi Grill

a rack of ribs on a grill with corn and bell peppers

It’s time for a grill with some real muscle. Shop our full lineup of Grilla Grills today to find the next evolution of your grilling game, or read our ultimate grill buying guide for all of our pro tips on choosing the grill that’s right for you!

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