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6 Easy Grilling Ideas for Busy Weeknights

Sometimes, you spend an afternoon in the backyard lovingly tending a brisket. Other times, it’s all you can do to get dinner ready on top of everything else! For anyone who often finds themselves in the second situation, a WiFi pellet grill is actually a great cooking tool for when things get hectic. Next time you’ve got a busy week ahead, try planning some of these deliciously simple pellet grill recipes. Each one is sure to keep everybody’s taste buds happy — even when time is in short supply.

burger with sauce and cheese

A Note About Cooking Times

Pellet grills sometimes take longer to cook food than other cooking methods, so we’ve prioritized some quicker-cooking recipes here. However, the “set it and forget it” cooking style of a pellet grill can save you time and effort even when the cooking time is longer! 

Once your food is on the grill, a pellet grill’s consistent heat means the most you’ll usually have to do is flip it once, potentially with a quick basting. Plus, all Grilla pellet grills now come equipped with Alpha Connect smart grill tech that lets you monitor grill and meat temperatures from your phone! Preparation is your best friend here. Get your ingredients together ahead of time so you can hit the ground running when the time comes. (Don’t forget a bag of wood pellets, too!) Once you’ve got the rhythm down, you’ll appreciate the convenience that a WiFi pellet grill brings to the process.

1. No Flip Burgers

What could be easier than a burger that you don’t have to flip? Our no flip burgers are the king of no-fuss weeknight dining. Rub the patties down with the savory flavors of Grilla Beef Rub and throw them on the grill. Add a little melted cheese if desired after 30-40 minutes and then boom — you’re done! 

2. Grilled Salmon with Honey Sriracha Lime Glaze

Salmon cooks quickly, tastes heavenly and offers great nutritional value. That means it’s a perfect choice for a fast weeknight dinner! The honey sriracha lime glaze comes together in a flash, and your Grilla Grill will do the rest. Plus, once you’ve mastered the recipe, it’s easy to swap out with other firm fish like tuna or swordfish.

3. Bourbon Honey Mustard Chicken Quarters

Chicken quarters are tender, delicious and crazy convenient. That makes this sweet and savory chicken recipe one of our weeknight favorites! The bourbon honey mustard sauce will have everybody craving more, and the even heat of a pellet grill will ensure your chicken comes out tender and juicy. 

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closeup honey mustard chicken grilled

4. Easy Thick Cut Pork Chops

It’s so simple to get great results from pork chops! All you need is some high quality chops and Grilla AP Rub, plus another rub of your choice if you’re feeling frisky. Just make sure you’ve got a meat thermometer on hand so you can pull your chops off when they hit the perfect temperature. If you’ve got a charcoal grill, such as our Kong kamado grill, make sure you check out our stunning grilled pork steak recipe, too! 

5. Smoked Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs are a no-brainer when it comes to easy dinners. You put some tasty stuff in a bowl, you mix it up, scoop it and on the grill it goes. In less than an hour, you’ve got delectable meatballs that go great with pasta! Plus, these are slightly healthier than standard beef meatballs, so they’re a great choice if you’re watching calories.

6. Simple Pulled Pork

Meal preppers, this is your jam. If you can find a few hours to smoke up a pork butt at the beginning of the week, it’ll give you meals on the fly for days! Pulled pork keeps well in the fridge and makes a deliciously hearty protein for many different dishes. From pulled pork pizza to BBQ sliders, there are tons of possibilities to explore!

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wifi pellet grill in yard

The Grilla Grills pitmasters are always cooking up something new, so make sure to see our pellet grill recipes page for other delicious grilling ideas. Plus, if you haven’t already, explore our whole selection of Grilla Grills. Each one is built to feed a family! 

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