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7 Fun Easter BBQ Ideas

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Easter doesn’t always rank up there with traditional grill holidays like the 4th of July and Memorial Day. However, everything you need for a great cookout is there: A holiday that gets family and friends together? Check. A tradition of enjoying good food? Check! Weather that’s finally starting to warm up? Check, check, check! If you’re getting excited now, you’re not alone. We’re getting ready for some springtime shindigs of our own here at Grilla Grills — and we’ve got mouth-watering ideas that will make your Easter BBQ a hopping success.

1. Discover the deliciousness of lamb.

Lamb is an underrated meat with a ton of flavor to offer. As luck would have it, lamb is also a classic Easter meat, so take advantage of this chance to experience its awesomeness! A pellet grill is a perfect tool for cooking lamb — the consistent heat and temperature produce perfectly cooked meat that’s tender all the way through and juicy as all-get-out. We recommend mild-flavored wood pellets like our apple wood pellets to get the flavor of the lamb just right.

2. Smoke up an Easter ham. 

Ham is another traditional Easter favorite that tastes amazing on a BBQ grill. What’s more, it just might be the king of easy Easter dinners! Most hams will take on a deliciously smoky taste after just a few hours on the pellet grill, with practically no babysitting required. The only exception is the last hour, when you’ll periodically be basting your ham with some kind of glaze — but the reward is a sweet and flavorful crust that wows your guests! 

  • Recipe Pick: Pineapple Bourbon Glazed Ham
    • Slow smoking over a wood fire sets this ham up for victory, and the homemade pineapple honey bourbon glaze does the rest.

3. Master the art of the Sunday roast.

In search of an Easter BBQ entree that will leave everybody stuffed and satisfied? Look no further than a Sunday roast! Also known as pot roast or rib roast, this hearty crowd-pleaser is ideal for a crowd to tear into, and it goes well with all kinds of vegetable and potato dishes. Even your picky nieces and nephews will find something to love about this one. 

  • Recipe Pick: Reverse Sear Standing Rib Roast
    • You might never go back to the crock pot after tasting the greatness of a wood-fired rib roast — finished, of course, with a blazing cast iron sear.

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4. Serve some delectable deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are one of the most popular appetizers for an Easter BBQ — partly because eggs are a symbol of Easter and spring, and partly because they’re just straight-up delicious! If you have a smoker, however, you can start off the process by smoking your eggs to add a unique flavor that will truly drive your guests wild. Best of all, the process is fast and low-effort. 

decorated deviled eggs

  • Recipe Pick: Smoked Deviled Eggs
    • We can almost guarantee your guests have never had deviled eggs with this level of rich, smoky flavor. You just might change their lives!

5. Brunch it up.

Since many social events happen earlier in the day on Easter, why not host a brunch BBQ? Let the kids scour the yard for Easter eggs, and then feast on some tasty breakfast style treats in the backyard. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got tons of great breakfast recipes for pellet grills — although this is also a great time to bust out your Primate Grill and Griddle if you have one. Don’t forget the mimosas!

6. Mix a batch of tasty springtime cocktails.

Speaking of boozy refreshments, there’s no reason you have to stop at mimosas. Enjoying a seasonal drink is the perfect way to celebrate the end of a long winter, and the best spring cocktails also give you an opportunity to sample all the fresh deliciousness the season offers.

hands holding cocktails cheers

If you need us, we’ll be grilling! For more tasty Easter BBQ ideas, see all of our pellet grill recipes, or check out our complete guide to spring cookouts. 

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