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7 Grill-Friendly Fall Meal Ideas

As temperatures drop and days get shorter, many of us reach for the fall comfort foods that keep us warm, full and satisfied. Autumn is the ideal time to cook up classic savory and sweet recipes, and your pellet grill or kamado grill is an amazing tool for whipping up just about anything you can dream of! Discover these seven tempting fall meal ideas and check out our step-by-step instructions for creating them. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family or a dinner party, our recipes show off the power of a Grilla Grill where it counts the most: making food that people go ape for!

1. Apple Cider Injected Pork Tenderloin

Pork and apples are an iconic combo that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with, especially in fall! This recipe uses an apple cider solution delivered through a meat injector to create an incredibly tender and juicy pork loin. It tastes awesome on sandwiches or over rice, but it’s also so versatile that you can combine it with all kinds of other stuff, including cole slaw, baked apples and much more! 

2. Beef Stew

Beef stew is the king of hearty autumn stews, but did you know you can make it on the grill? Start your stew by smoking your beef roast for several hours with veggies and stock, and then finish it on the stove for ridiculously tasty results! A cast-iron skillet is a must for this one, so take the opportunity to pick one up if you don’t already have one — they’re incredibly useful for cooking a variety of recipes, including our homestyle smoked chicken pot pie

3. Short Rib Burgers

Fall calls for a bigger, bolder burger, and our short rib burger recipe will give you that in spades! This recipe requires you to start with smoked beef short ribs, so check out our short rib recipe first. If you’ve already got short ribs on hand, shred ‘em up and mix in with your ground beef for a truly outstanding burger with a distinctively smoky taste. 

4. Smoked Lamb Shanks 

The savory, slightly spicy taste of lamb makes it a perfect fit for fall cuisine! This is a simple, can’t-miss recipe for creating amazing lamb shanks with the ideal flavor combo of savory spices and just a little hint of sweetness. Shanks are also easy to serve and taste amazing over a bed of mashed potatoes or rice. 

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5. Twice-Baked Potatoes

A baked potato loaded with your favorite toppings is exactly the kind of mouth-watering comfort food that’s perfect for a fall menu. This recipe ups the ante by baking the potatoes two separate times, once on their own and once with the toppings mixed in. The final result: some truly tasty spuds bursting with rich and creamy deliciousness. For maximum flavor, serve it up as a side with a reverse seared ribeye or New York strip

6. Traditional Butter Ball Thanksgiving Turkey 

There’s no need to overthink your Thanksgiving bird when you’ve got this scrumptiously simple recipe! A little Kosher salt, olive oil, Grilla All Purpose Rub and a good helping of butter are all you need to make a stunningly delicious turkey. The simplicity of this recipe also allows for a wide variety of customizations, so if you’ve got your own secret-weapon spice blend or stuffing recipe, feel free to incorporate it!

7. Bacon Pecan Sweet Potato Pie

Another great thing about both pellet and kamado grills: You can bake on them, with amazing results! Case in point: this sweet and savory autumn dessert, which mixes multiple classic fall flavors into one amazing whole. It’s the perfect final act when you’ve just served up a delicious dinner and want to finish strong with a dessert that will truly wow your guests. 

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Bonus: Pumpkin Old Fashioned

No, you can’t put this one on the grill, but you can definitely sip it while you’re grilling! Our take on the classic old fashioned incorporates that classic fall pumpkin flavor we all know, but with something a little bit stronger than your average pumpkin spice latte. 

That’s just the beginning of all the delicious fall meal ideas you’ll find in our recipe collection! Browse our whole lineup of kamado and pellet grill recipes for more tasty ideas. Need to get your grill ready for cold weather? Shop all of our grill covers and find one that’s a perfect fit for your grill!

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