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7 Unique Holiday Dinner Ideas

Holiday dinners are the perfect time for family and friends to get together and enjoy delicious food. They’re also the ideal opportunity to flex your culinary skills and serve up a memorable meal that will really wow your guests! Powerful tools like the Grilla Grills Silverbac pellet grill and Kong kamado grill will give you everything you need to cook up a regal family feast. Check out these unique holiday dinner ideas full of delectable seasonal flavors!

carving cut of beef

1. Spanish Christmas Leg of Lamb

Lamb is an iconic meat for festive dinners, and this recipe brings the zesty taste of Spanish cuisine home for the holidays. The flavors of mint, rosemary, thyme and lemon juice are a perfect balance to the smoky perfection of lamb cooked on a wood-fired pellet grill. Be sure to budget the time to start this one 24 hours in advance, since you’ll be marinating the lamb to ensure that all of the flavors soak in. 

2. Smoked Holiday Goose

Here’s another holiday classic for those who like to get a little old-school with it. This delicious recipe is also surprisingly straightforward. The only potentially challenging part for most people will be finding the goose itself! (Your local butcher shop is almost always the best place to start.) Once you’ve acquired the bird, your smoker and a little bit of spice rub will take care of the rest.

3. Nigerian Christmas Chicken Stew

Ring in the season with this traditional West African dish that brings all kinds of intriguing flavors into the mix, from peanut butter to black eyed peas. (Trust us, it’s the bomb!) It’s also amazingly simple to cook, and surprisingly quick — the whole thing can come together in under an hour. You will need a Dutch oven, however, so make sure to pick up one of these highly versatile cooking tools if you don’t already have one! 

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bowl of meat and potatoes

4. Smoked Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie just might be the king of rich and savory comfort foods, and it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for kids and adults alike. This recipe uses a cast iron pan to bake up a scrumptious pot pie with a flaky crust and tons of savory veggies. What’s more, it’s versatile enough that you can easily tweak it to your family’s taste by adding different veggies, spices and herbs — or even some bacon! 

5. Australian Holiday Grilled Prawns

They do holiday dinners a little differently down under, and these prawns are so good that they might just turn your world upside down! The process also couldn’t be easier: Just toss your prawns in a bowl with oil, salt and pepper, and then throw them on the grill for a few minutes. Voila — you’ve got a savory holiday treat that makes an ideal snack for a cocktail party or a side with dinner. 

6. Irish Christmas Spiced Beef

Looking for something to make the holidays truly special? This recipe from the Emerald Isle takes a little more work than some others (and, again, you’ll need a Dutch oven), but it’s so worth the effort. After a week of marinating an eye of round roast with fresh ground spices, you’ll cook it in your Dutch oven with vegetables and beer to give it an incredibly rich and savory flavor. This one’s actually meant to be served cold, so it makes a great part of a holiday spread and tastes awesome as leftovers. 

7. Smoked Bread Pudding

Don’t forget something sweet to finish off the holiday happenings! Our smoker grills are also great for baking, and this bread pudding recipe is the perfect way to get started. With its tart blueberry compote and crispy oat crust, this is a recipe worth saving room for. Although it doesn’t strictly need vanilla ice cream on top, we highly recommend it if you want to take your bread pudding to the next level!

Bonus: New Year’s Champagne Punch

This ritzy cocktail is just the thing when you want to class it up a little bit for your New Year’s festivities. It’s champagne-based (as a New Year’s drink should be) but adds berry hard seltzer and raspberry sorbet for a fizzy treat that might make you want to drink a second toast … and maybe even another one after that.

Family Together Christmas Celebration Concept


In search of even more deliciousness? Our kamado and pellet grill recipes offer a year-round smorgasbord of festive foods! Oh, and if you’re still looking for some holiday gifts for the grillmaster in your life, be sure to check out our whole selection of grilling accessories

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