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history of kamado grills

Are you using the right grill for your backyard barbecues? While many look to the high-priced grilling systems that are the latest craze, others choose to trust their “old reliable” grill that’s overdue for an upgrade. If you’re counting on your gas grill to provide the quality and versatility you need for smoking, cooking, grilling, baking and roasting, it won’t be long until you get a bad taste in your mouth. 

The grill masters at Grilla Grills believe that you shouldn’t settle for grilling systems that can’t deliver the delicious results you desire. If you’ve never savored a meal prepared with a kamado-style cooker, you’re in for a treat! Let’s open the lid on what a Japanese kamado grill is and why kamado-style cooking will be your new favorite pastime. 

What Is a Kamado Grill?

Let’s face it — when it comes to grilling, you have a lot of options. A gas grill is one of the most popular options, and unfortunately, many homeowners make it their go-to cooker without a second thought. Whether you consider yourself a grill master or simply someone who appreciates an outdoor barbecue surrounded by family and friends, we believe you should at very least be aware of the different cooker options available — particularly, the kamado grill.

What is a kamado grill? Even if you’ve never had the opportunity to use one, chances are, you’re already familiar with its distinctive shape and design. The kamado-style cooker can be made from a variety of materials, two of the most common being stainless steel and ceramic. They are ovular in shape, resembling an egg. These ceramic charcoal grills retain and radiate heat well, using a charcoal fire at the base and vent at the top, which cooks the meat evenly. 

The kamado-style cooker can prepare your food in a variety of ways using adjustable heat settings. High heat can be used to sear, grill and brown meats, while a low heat setting can roast, smoke and bake your meals. This versatility gives you the option to cook everything from pizzas and burgers to ribs and steaks with a single ceramic charcoal grill. It’s the perfect outdoor cooking solution for grilling, and it can also double as an additional oven when preparing family-style meals.

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History of the Kamado-Style Cooker

It’s no secret that diverse cooking styles have existed for thousands of years. Archaeologists have unearthed a variety of stoves, ovens and other cooking devices in nearly every corner of the planet. Despite any regional or cultural differences, each unique cooker was created to accomplish a common goal: to prepare meals that are safe and delicious to eat. One of these devices is the kamado-style cooker, and it’s by far one of our favorite grills ever created.

Although this ceramic smoker grill has a Japanese name, the first version was created in China. Known as a yan steamer, it was originally created to cook rice. This cooker was then imported to Japan and given the name “mushikamado,” which is Japanese for “stove” and refers to the “place for a cauldron.” Although we still use the same name today, our modern kamado is different from a traditional Japanese kamado grill.

The Japanese kamado grill evolved from a device akin to putting a pot on a stove to resemble a modern barbecue grill. They implemented a grate so that meat could be placed in the cooker and cook evenly. As most innovative products do, the Japanese kamado grill made its way west. Soon after World War II, it was brought to the United States and increased in popularity. 

history of kamado style cooker

Today, kamado-style cooking is popular with professional grillers and the average homeowner alike — and it’s easy to see why they’re one of the hottest types of grills on the market. Versatility and ease of use combine to enable men and women of all skill levels the opportunity to prepare a variety of delicious, restaurant-quality meals without leaving the comfort of their own homes. If you haven’t tried cooking your favorite meats with a ceramic smoker grill, maybe it’s time you gave your gas grill a much-needed upgrade.

Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Gas Grill and Use a Kong

We know that many homeowners are fond of traditional gas grills. Memories of cookouts with family and tailgating with friends often feature the old familiar gas grill. While these grills are adequate, they can’t deliver the versatility and quality that kamado-style cooking can. The Japanese kamado grill is only increasing in popularity. If you’ve never used a kamado-style cooker, it’s time you ditched your basic gas grill and let the Kong Kamado grill take care of the cooking.

The Kong Kamado charcoal grill outperforms the competition on quality, benefits and price. As one of the hottest grills on the market, our one-of-a-kind ceramic charcoal grill is the heavy-duty helper that will take your grilling game to the next level. It can reliably maintain a consistent low or high temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, providing convection heat that allows for even cooking. Plus, over 600 square inches of cooking space leaves room to prepare seconds and thirds. 

The Kong kamado-style cooker is easy to assemble, move and use, allowing long-time grillers and first-timers alike to immediately get to grilling as soon as it arrives. Our Kong ceramic smoker grill uses 100 percent organic lump charcoal, and you can add wood pellets to increase flavor — no gasoline or other flammable substances necessary. Why limit yourself to overcooked burgers and undercooked steaks on a gas grill? The Kong Kamado grill can handle anything and everything you want on the menu without fail.

Turn up the Heat With Grilla Grills

Listen up — it’s time to stop monkeying around with run-of-the-mill gas grills. You deserve a grill that’ll make every meal taste like it was prepared by a professional pitmaster. Grilla Grills is ready to change the way you grill forever with our Kong Ceramic 24″ Kamado Grill. This large charcoal kamado-style grill is perfect for grilling, smoking, baking and roasting every recipe imaginable. Our Kong Kamado grill provides the exceptional quality and versatility you need to turn your backyard into a five-star all-you-can-eat buffet.

Give us a call today to learn more about our Kong Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grill and discover how Grilla Grills can maximize your grilling potential.

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