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American Spirit Grilla Community Gives Back

A story of a group of customers rallied together to help someone in need

Today’s news is filled with tragedies, controversies, and issues that divide the country instead of unite it. We think it’s about time for some good news showcasing some amazing Americans.

Beau J. was a proud owner of his Silverbac grill. He was interested in wood pellet smoker and wanted to learn more, so he joined a closed Facebook group that was started by a Grilla Grills owner back in 2016.

Since then, the group has grown to nearly 10,000 members of people who either own a Grilla Grill or are in the market for a wood pellet smoker. It truly is a great resource for recipes, maintenance tips, and good company. Unlike other Facebook groups that are often bombarded with advertisements and scams, it’s extremely well run and closely moderated. No drama, politics, inappropriate content is allowed and it’s purely an online community of people who share a love of BBQ. (Search My Grilla Grill Smoker to join, the more the merrier!)

One day Beau posted some unfortunate news to the group:

“Sad day for me 😔 Came home to an empty back porch. Needless to say my Silverbac I saved up for 8 months is gone. Can’t believe someone stole it, I asked my neighbors if they had seen anything but they all were gone all day as well. You all have been great on here, loved the grill just sucks I only got to use it 3 weeks. You all smoke on. Guess it’s back to my mini Weber grill.”

Comments of sympathy immediately flooded the post. Many offered words of encouragement or advice to seek justice. One group member suggested the creation of a GoFundMe account to help replace his stolen grill. Support continued to surge and a link to contribute to the cause was added to the comment thread.

Within hours, the group had collectively raised over $300 for Beau. The next day, the group exceeded the donation goal and raised $1,200, enough to replace his Silverbac AND competition cart.

Here’s what Beau had to say:

“Been sitting here trying to figure out what to say to you all for awhile tonight, I’m not that great with words, My whole life I’ve always helped others before myself. I just like making people smile, figured one day it might come back around and man did it. To everyone that made this possible I can’t thank you enough for what has taken place in a short amount of time, still very shocked didn’t see this coming at all, just me venting turned into this. I wish I could shake everyone of your hands. I’m also sad that I’ll prolly never get to thank anyone of you in person unless this amazing grilla family has a big gathering at some point. Thank you Mark Graham and the Grilla team for making a solid grill.”

He recently posted a video personally thanking everyone who donated, with the promise that he would post more videos of him cooking on it in the future.

Everyone here in the office was truly touched by the act of kindness of our customers. We love this story and hope it sheds some light during times that may seem a little dark. This is what is means to be a family. This is what it means to be an American.

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