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Ask a Pitmaster: The Bee’s Knees Holiday Gifts for Grillers

What is “Ask a Pitmaster?”

Ask a ________ is Grilla Grills new series of blog posts where we will ask pitmaster’s, chef’s, brewers, distillers and other grill/food enthusiasts about some of our favorite topics. We’ll cover everything from favorite foods, old school recipe’s, gift ideas, personal stories and everything in between.

This time, we’re talking with competitive BBQ team The Bee’s Knees! The team consists of pitmasters Brent Bourland and Jeff Cole. They’ve been competing in professional BBQ since 2014 and had a sensational 2019 hearing their team called for top quality entries in 24 categories. They’re featured weekly on Destination America’s Bama-Q TV-show. You can catch Bama-Q Saturday’s at 8 a.m. on Destination America or any time on

Really, BBQ is always a gathering. Something special to share that takes time and love to accomplish.

Brent Bourland – Bee’s Knees

They say that while hearing your name called is great, they measure success on how many friends they’ve made over the years. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for Christmas here are a few items to consider

Top 5 Best Kitchen and Grilling Gifts

Vacuum Sealer

The Bee’s Knees say they get asked all the time “What do you do with all that leftover meat?” The answer is two simple words, vacuum sealer.

“You can literally you can go from freezer to a hot water bath to heat your meat back up and it still is as moist as when you pulled it off the pit.”

Brent Bourland – Bee’s Knees

The guy’s at Bee’s Knees say that vacuum sealers are a gift that people don’t realize they need, until they have one. Once they do, they wonder how they ever lived without one. Brent said he’s found that vacuum sealing helps retain moisture when you refrigerate or freeze leftovers. That makes them perfect for people who like to cook massive meals.

Vacuum sealers come in a variety of sizes and price points depending on your budget. Grabbing one that fits your friends decor in their kitchen or pit is a great idea for a holiday gift.

Superior Spice Shaker

While more so a stocking stuffer than a full on gift, the Bee’s Knees says you can’t go wrong with a nice spice shaker for the griller in your life. Brent said it’s generally hard to go wrong as long as you purchase a brand that is made with stainless steel.

“This allows you to create your own mix of rubs, or you can buy in bulk and use this as your new dispenser.”

Brent Bourland – Bee’s Knees

Brent said one of his favorite parts about dedicated spice shakers is the fact that anyone can come up with their own blend of spices for a dry rub and use this as the dispenser. You could also use it as a dispenser for your favorite Grilla Grills rub that you buy in bulk. If you know someone who’s determined to become the next spicelord with their own line of rubs, or someone who just wants their spice dispenser to match their grill, this is a great gift for you.

Quality Poultry Scissors

The third gift on our list is another that people generally wouldn’t think of, but would become an integral kitchen tool once they have it. Kitchen shears and poultry scissors are a tool that’s used often, but replaced nearly never. Brent said strong, sharp shears can save precious minutes during prep time.

Brent said he uses his shears on all types of protein, but they are rarely more useful than when spatchcocking a turkey. This is where the griller removes the spine of the poultry in order to flatten it out for a swifter, more even cook. Brent said these are a must for any griller.

Welding/BBQ Gloves

Our penultimate gift is something that will show your loved one that you care about their safety, as much as their BBQ addiction. A pair of welding gloves or grill gloves are a fantastic way to give someone a greater level of control over hot elements than would a pair of tongs or *gasp* a folded up rag. The only thing that could give you a similar level of control is Grilla Grills signature Grate Grippers.

“Our team uses these all the time to navigate hot ash and cooking grates. Nothing will take you out of the game faster than getting burned “

Brent Bourland – Bee’s Knees

Brent said this is a gift that would also make a great stocking stuffer as they are generally inexpensive and can be picked up at almost any hardware store. Show your loved ones you care about their safety when cooking, and they might be inclined to cook a little something extra, just for you!

Grab Your Grill Gear

Electric Knives

The final gift we have on this list is by far the most high-tech. Brent said one of the most valuable tools he has when at a competition is the electric knife. He said these give an unmatched level of ease when cutting through even the thickest of meats.

“If you are not a master with a knife this will help you up your game.”

Brent Bourland – Bee’s Knees

Brent said one of the most beneficial parts of having an electric knife is the consistency you will be able to achieve in your cuts with it. He said working with an electric knife will teach you how to better slice and dice your meat for the perfect cuts.

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