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Backpacks are packed, pencils are sharpened, lunch is on the grill

There is no chaos quite like the back to school season. Moms with checklists and full shopping carts fill the aisles of office supply and grocery stores. Pencils, notebooks, backpacks, clothes, calculators, and…wood pellet grills? Preparing for kids to go back to school takes planning and patience. But we’re here to help.

You care about your family and their health. You care about their nutrition. You also care about getting everything on your to-do list done while still making it to work on time every day. Making wholesome, healthy meals for your family doesn’t have to require hours of cooking, only to be left with hours of cleanup.

If you think meal prepping is just for the diet-crazy health nuts, think again. Preparing meals ahead of time for the week is a great way to save time, money, & possibly some of your sanity during those hectic weeknights. Here’s what you do:

Find some time in your schedule to set aside for cooking lunches for the week. Maybe it’s Sunday, maybe it’s the only night of the week Timmy & Jessica don’t have soccer practice. The beauty of cooking on a wood pellet grill for food prepping is that even then, you’re still not spending THAT much time actively cooking. Simply choose your menu for the week, throw it on the grill, and get back to whatever else it is that needs your attention.

When you pull your food off the grill, portion the meat and veggies accordingly into properly sized containers. Put it in the fridge, and THAT’S IT! Flavorful, filling, healthy lunches or dinner for your family this week.

Buying and cooking in bulk can be a huge money-saver as well. If you intentionally or unintentionally cook way too much food, putting it in the freezer is a great way to store it for long period of time while staying fresh.

Whether you’re cooking chicken, pulled pork, burgers, veggies, salmon, ribs, or even dessert, make sure you make plenty and utilize your rack extension if needed!

Don’t forget to check out our time & temperature guide for a quick reference for how long items should be on the grill.

We know the transition of back to school season can be stressful. Put a Grilla Grill on your shopping list this year & thanks us later!  

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