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Backyard BBQ- Smoked Brisket

The backyard-style barbeque brisket. The perfect solution to a big family get-together. Satisfy your family with this delicious Brisket.


  • To smoke “low and slow”
  • Cook it overnight in your Silverbac
  • Approximately 200-215°
  • In the morning, crank it up until the internal temperature hits 190°


Brisket (10-14lbs)


Black Pepper

Grilla Grills Beef Rub

The first step is to take a bit of the fat off. Not all of it, just so that it’s got more of a parallel shape.

We also don’t waste any of the fat. We will go back to make meat tallow which will help us in the long run when we go back to wrap up our brisket in butcher paper.

                                Tallow = Animal fat

The best time to use your beef tallow is a couple of hours before your brisket is done cooking. Remove it from your smoker and add a generous scoop of tallow and place your brisket on top. Cook for the remainder of the time until your brisket is tender. Allow the brisket to cool and rest on the butcher paper for a couple more hours.

  • Ben likes to cook fat side up so that the juices flow over the meat!
  • Just shave off the first few fat chunks of your brisket, you’ll want about a quarter inch of fat all the way around.
  • Then begin to mustard slather your brisket. Generously rub mustard along both sides of your slab.
  • Time to spice it up with two simple ingredients.
  • Use your black pepper all the way around your slab
  • Grilla Grills Beef Rub

Don’t forget to season both sides!

You want to put your brisket in the grill at room temperature, don’t put your brisket in the grill ice cold.

Ben uses a jerky rack folded down to its low setting to allow an even airflow throughout the cooking process. When he’s done slow smoking the brisket, leave at 200° overnight.

When your brisket hits an internal temperature of 150-160° pull it out and wrap it in foil or butcher paper. Put it back into the grill until the temperature hits 190° degrees.

Slice and try your brisket.


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