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You want to grill, but Mother Nature is far from cooperative. What do you do? Instead of forgoing a dinner grilled to perfection, invest in a BBQ grill gazebo. Any grillmaster can enjoy the convenience, ease and fun of grilling and smoking year-round without the sun beating down or the rain throwing shade on your award-winning pitmaster skills.

What Is a Grill Gazebo?

You see gazebos all over the place, from the community park to your neighbor’s outdoor patio. A grill gazebo is distinctive from other gazebo models because it has been designed specifically for use as a grill shelter. This means it may have certain attributes that are specifically attractive to people who love to grill and smoke on a regular basis.

Grill gazebos are often broadly similar to patio gazebos. They have open walls, water-resistant roofs and other features that allow them to perform well in outdoor conditions. However, grill gazebos typically include features such as side shelves that you can use to prep food or hold grilling tools and grill accessories while you work. Patio gazebos, on the other hand, are more oriented toward leisure, with plenty of sitting space. 

What Are Some Important Barbecue Gazebo Traits?

Now that you have an idea of what a BBQ grill gazebo does, you need to consider all the attributes that separate the variety of BBQ shelter models:

  • Assembly. Are you getting your BBQ grill gazebo so you can have it in your backyard for the long haul? In that case, you might want to select a durable hardtop gazebo that takes time to install but is meant for a lot of use. On the other hand, if you travel with your grill or smoker, choose a pop-up grill gazebo that can go anywhere with little fanfare.
  • Roof and other materials. No surprise here: You want a grill gazebo constructed of trusted, heavy duty materials. A galvanized steel frame (or another type of rust-resistant steel framing) tends to deliver great results without denting, bending or corrosion. Be sure to ask what kind of gazebo canopy you are getting. Some gazebo roofs are made of flimsy fabrics that can tear under high winds, rain or snow. More permanent hardtop grill gazebos will often have a galvanized steel roof, while portable models have something more flexible (yet still strong), such as a durable polyester canopy.
  • Size. Obviously, your grill gazebo needs to be able to give shelter not just to your Grilla Grill but to you and possibly a chair, table and other necessities. Mark out the floor space of any potential canopy gazebo on your intended site. That way, you can get a better idea of how well a gazebo will fit, and how well your barbecue grill will fit inside it.
  • Shelves, hooks, etc. Many grill canopy gazebos provide shelving, racks, hooks and much more. Though not absolutely necessary, those little additions can make a world of difference when you are knee-deep in your grilling game. LED lighting is also a significant attribute and may even be a must-have if you do a lot of late-night smoking and grilling.
  • Stability. Hey, wind happens. But it should never take your BBQ canopy away. Look for a sturdy, high-quality structure that’s built to resist wind, and check out the stability ratings of any barbecue gazebo to see how it performs under exceptionally windy conditions.
  • Air circulation. Is ventilation a concern? Go for a grill gazebo with a canopy that encourages air to move out and around. Who wants to play pitmaster in the midst of a heavy smoke screen? (In addition, consider this your reminder never to grill in any structure, gazebo or otherwise, that has enclosed walls.)
  • Style. While not always a concern, you may want a BBQ shelter that looks great while working hard to whip up a winning BBQ meatloaf or blackened catfish tacos. Tons of BBQ grill gazebos are available that will do your backyard or patio proud with their decorator finesse.
  • UV protection. Fun in the sun is great until you’ve got a grilling sunburn! That’s why most outdoor grill canopies are treated with UV resistant processes that help them block out the worst of the UV rays coming at you. 
  • Weather resistance. Due to their open sides, no outdoor BBQ gazebo can be truly waterproof, so don’t count on them to protect you fully from rain or snow — but you can still find one with a weather resistant roof that offers some degree of waterproofing. The main thing you’re looking for is a waterproof canopy top, which will allow you to avoid the worst of the wetness (and keep it off your grill). (For this reason, you want to avoid anything listed as a pergola, as these typically don’t have waterproof roofs.) 
  • Fire resistance. Grilling involves fire — duh. So, when you’re choosing a grill gazebo, it’s important to look for one that uses fire retardant materials. This is especially important when choosing any kind of soft top canopy, so check the material’s specs and find out whether it’s rated for fire retardant performance.
  • Warranty. Finally, you hope you’ll never need it, but any good canopy grill gazebo should come equipped with a warranty. If you should find that your grill gazebo has any mechanical defects, you’ll want to be able to get your money back with no questions asked.

Buy the Best Grill Gazebo for Your Needs

Ready to grill and smoke despite questionable weather conditions? A grill gazebo helps you achieve your grilling goals even if the outside is less than perfect. You’ll also need a grill, so be sure to browse our selection and meet your perfect Grilla match.

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