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Best All Season Outdoor Kitchen Setups for Grill Enthusiasts

So you’ve been thinking for a while that your patio could use an outdoor kitchen setup. Maybe you’ve even looked at some options for getting your very own outdoor cooking space and imagined cooking delicious pellet grill recipes there. However, with the huge amount of outdoor kitchen options on the market right now, it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not quite sure how you want yours to look and feel. That’s especially true if you’re trying to design an outdoor kitchen that’s usable even in colder weather.

We’ve talked about the basic process for building an outdoor kitchen in another article. Here, let’s zoom in on some kitchen design fundamentals that will make your outdoor kitchen both beautiful and functional any time of year!

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Choosing a Layout for Your Outdoor Kitchen Setup

You want your outdoor kitchen to have a layout that’s visually appealing and that you feel comfortable cooking in. Fortunately, you can apply most of the basic layout ideas of indoor kitchens to outdoor ones too! These are the four main types of kitchen layouts that you’ll find in outdoor kitchens today:

  • Galley Kitchen: Countertops run in straight, parallel lines with open space between them, often with at least one side built into the wall. This is a popular design for smaller spaces and kitchens where only one person will usually be cooking. A variant is the one-wall kitchen, which (as you might expect) reduces the setup to occupy a single wall.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen: Countertops form an L shape with an open space behind them. This design is spacious, versatile and good for accommodating multiple cooks. 
  • Horseshoe Kitchen: Countertops form a U shape with an open space in the middle. Horseshoe kitchens offer a lot of counter space and are good for kitchens that want to create separation from other spaces. 
  • Kitchen Island: Countertops don’t touch any walls, and the appliances “float” in the middle of an open space. (The “peninsula countertop,” which attaches to a wall at one end, is a close relative.) 

Building a Multi-Season Outdoor Kitchen

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that’s warm year-round, you’re probably wondering about how many seasons of use you’ll get from your outdoor kitchen. Summer is a given, but what about a wet spring, a brisk fall or even a chilly winter? These are some of the key factors for designing a multi-season outdoor kitchen:

  • Shelter: The more sheltered your outdoor kitchen is, the easier it will be to use in different types of weather. An awning or pergola will make for a more pleasant cooking experience no matter the weather, but it’s especially key in wet or cold conditions.
  • Water: If your outdoor kitchen will include running water, make sure to prepare the water lines for colder weather to avoid freezing.
  • Materials: Even if it’s sheltered, an outdoor kitchen needs to withstand outdoor conditions, which is why many outdoor cooking lovers choose tough materials like stainless steel for their outdoor kitchen cabinets and appliances.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is always key for an outdoor kitchen, but it’s especially vital if you’ll be cooking in the evenings as days get shorter in the fall and winter.
  • Storage: Items sensitive to weather conditions need protective storage. For example, wood pellets for a pellet grill need to be stored somewhere they won’t get wet from rain.
  • Comfort Features: Certain features can make your outdoor kitchen more comfortable in seasonal conditions. Bug zappers can be clutch for the summer, while heat lamps are a must-have for fall and winter in many areas.
  • Covers: Why invest in an outdoor kitchen without protecting it? A grill cover is a must to protect your grill from the elements, but a full-sized outdoor kitchen cover is even better.

Unleash the Wood-Fired Power of a WiFi Pellet Grill

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Build the Outdoor Kitchen Setup of Your Dreams

Grilla Grills’ outdoor kitchen bundles are the most affordable and adaptable way to build an awesome outdoor kitchen. These modular outdoor kitchen units don’t require any complex installation or changes to your hardscaping, but their design allows you to install them in any configuration you want!

The rugged construction of Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen units is perfect for anyone who wants to build a multi-season outdoor kitchen. Their stainless steel design resists rusting and pitting, and they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with any model of Grilla Grill, from our WiFi pellet grills to our kamado ceramic grills. Furthermore, the double-walled construction of every Grilla model helps ensure your grill minimizes heat loss, even in colder conditions.

You’ll also love the variety of different pieces you can add to your outdoor kitchen. Our lineup of outdoor kitchen pieces includes a grill mount, countertops and even a mini fridge and sink combo! Be sure to also check out our new corner counter piece, which makes it a snap to create a U-shape, L-shape, or any other layout for your outdoor kitchen. 

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