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Best BBQ Restaurants in Houston

Oh, Houston! You have your own style for doing everything, and it is always Texas-big. That goes for Houston BBQ as well as everything else.

In Houston, as in every barbeque capital in the nation, smoked and grilled meats get treated with a special touch. And if you are lucky enough to grab a seat at one of Houston’s famous downtown best BBQ joints, you will understand why pitmasters flock to the city.

Generations of BBQ Love in Houston

How did Houston earn its place as a barbeque hotspot? Think migration from the east mingled with the native people who lived in this hot, rough and open area.

As settlers moved across the country, they brought with them cooking techniques including roasting meats over open fires and pits. The indigenous population taught the settlers their own modes of “grilling” as a way to make even tough cuts of meat savory and delicious. Over time, all those similar types of food prep morphed into what has turned into Texas BBQ.

Today, plenty of award-winning barbeque pitmasters and their recipes have put Houston and other Lone Star State cities on the map. The next time you make it to Houston’s suburbs or downtown, head to any of these BBQ nirvanas.

1. CorkScrew BBQ

You want an authentic smokehouse? CorkScrew BBQ is determined to deliver. Pork, red meat, turkey and more dots this massive menu. Try one of their tasty dressings generously drizzled over a smoked meat sandwich. Truly, you cannot get more Texas than this! Be forewarned, though: CorkScrew BBQ sells out fast. Check out their social page before coming to make sure they are still serving, even if it is early in the day.

2. Gatlin’s BBQ

You want brisket, but your eating companion has a hankering for sausage. You can satisfy both your cravings in one swoop by heading to Gatlin’s BBQ on Ella Boulevard. Be sure to try the dirty rice, a specialty side that is bound to please. And if you want takeout, go for it.

3. Pinkerton’s BBQ

Tired of feeling like you could easily mimic any barbeque served in a restaurant? You should definitely give Pinkerton’s BBQ a chance to wow you with their menu offerings. Not only will you get some new ideas for your own grilling, but you will appreciate how much value you get at this Houston BBQ gem.

4. The Pit Room

For anyone who has had trouble creating the perfect melt-in-your-mouth brisket at home, The Pit Room has exactly what you need. Authentic Tex-Mex flavors abound on the menu that features some of their home-cooked tortillas. Explore novel smoked meats by ordering the venison.

Making Houston Barbeque at Home

You may not live in the south-central part of the country. No worries. You can whip up Houston BBQ at home. Plan to make Old School Baby Back Ribs, traditional smoked and grilled Pork Shoulder or succulent Simple Pulled Pork. Choose your perfect grill from our selection, and use our recipes as springboards to dazzle your family, friends and neighbors with your pitmaster prowess.

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