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Best Grilling Hacks

Creativity can be the name of the game when it comes to grilling. After all, Mother Nature might not cooperate, your main ingredient could be missing from sight or you might end up with less time than you thought to prep for a crowd. In those situations, you deserve to know a few of the greatest grilling tips that pitmasters have used for generations.

Here are some of the best kept grill secrets to keep you from having an “Oops!” or embarrassing griller moment. No doubt you will use your newfound grilling tips time and again. We do!

1. Be Imaginative With Skewers

Have you ever run out of skewers for a dish? Fear not. Rather than hoof it to your nearest supermarket or big box retailer, just trot to the garden. Rosemary can do double-duty as a skewer. So can stalks of dill in a pinch. The bonus? Your skewer will serve as a seasoning for meats, sausage chunks and veggies.

2. Write on Your Buns

Your mother-in-law insists on a well-done burger. Your niece wants hers practically mooing. And you? Well, you prefer something in-between. As more guests ask for their favorite types of burgers, you need a way to keep everything straight. That is where a squeeze ketchup or mustard bottle comes in handy. Just label each bun “WD” for well-done, “MR” for medium-rare, etc. You will never worry about how many different types of meat temperatures to grill again.

Not sure everyone wants the same (or any) condiments? No worries. Get little drink umbrellas and write on the paper tops with a Sharpie. Then stick the umbrella in the bun.

3. Clean the Grill With Foil

Tired of trying to scrape crud off your grill mid-session, only to burn yourself? Do your fingers a favor and scrunch up some aluminum foil into a ball. Using long tongs, scrape the foil ball across your grates. This grilling trick keeps you from having to use too many balms or band-aids while playing the role of picnic pitmaster. Plus, your food flavors will stay true to your intended recipe.

4. Lightly Boil Sausages Pre-Grilling

Have you ever had sausages cook too fast on the outside? Rather than charring them to a crisp just to get to a good temperature, toss them in boiling water for a few minutes before grilling or smoking. They will stay nice and juicy thanks to being already partially cooked by the time you lay them on the grates.

5. Cook Everything at Once in Foil Packets

Not enough time on your hands to slave over your grill for hours? Make foil your friend. Toss bite-sized chunks of seasoned veggies and meats topped with a little butter onto sheets of foil. Wrap the foil securely around the ingredients and then take them to your grill to heat up. As long as the chunks are about the same size, they should all heat evenly. Be careful when opening these “hobo” packets, though: They will be steaming, screaming hot!

Find Your Dream Grill

No doubt you will come up with your own grilling hacks as you get bolder and more innovative. Be sure to write them down so you can repeat the success over and over! And remember that you’ll want the best grill or smoker for your recipes, too.

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