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The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Gift Ideas

You can’t put the taste of smoked meat, or the smell and sound of a gently crackling wood fire, into a box. Seriously, bad idea, apparently boxes are flammable.! But where does that leave you when it comes to finding a gift for the person who would use any excuse to get the grill going? […]

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7 Reasons You Aren’t a Grilla Grills Owner Yet

Maybe you’ve never heard of Grilla Grills, or perhaps you know a friend or neighbor who loves their Grilla Grill, but you aren’t sure if it’s for you. Are Grilla Grills any good? What can you do with them? We’re here to answer those and many other questions to address all your concerns. Let’s look […]

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What to Look for When Buying Steak

You’re standing at the butcher counter or the grocery store meat cooler and you’re overwhelmed. What’s the difference between this steak and that steak, and why does this one cost twice as much? It’s happened to the best of us. Fortunately, you can become a pro at knowing how to choose steak by following some […]

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How to Choose, Use and Store Charcoal for Your Kamado Grill

Whether you’re lighting up the grill to enjoy some juicy chicken or roasted corn, charcoal is likely your first choice to achieve the perfect flavor. It’s also effective for grilling in general, packing an energy punch, burning hot and steady and producing relatively little smoke. Compared to other styles of grilling, charcoal has many unique […]

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“What Are The Best Wood Pellets for My Grill?”

It Might Not Seem Like a Big Decision, But It Can Really Affect Your Cooking. Let Us Help. Updated March 2022 After buying a wood pellet grill, you’ll be faced with a big question — which are the best wood pellets and flavors to buy? Choosing the best wood pellets for your pellet grill requires […]

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Pellet Grill vs. Charcoal vs. Gas

How to choose the right grill for you. Updated July 2021 For many people, grilling has always meant one of two things: charcoal or gas. From the time many of us were children, there are memories of bags of charcoal, lighter fluid or propane tanks along with the accompanying hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken and […]

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Grill Buying Guide: What Kind of Grill Should I Buy?

Updated July 2021 Your backyard is more than just an area of your property. It’s where you host birthday parties, graduation celebrations, holidays, summer gatherings and everyday dinners. The center point of all of these fun celebrations is a grill. A grill in your backyard is similar to the oven and stovetop in your kitchen. […]

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“How Do I Make the Perfect Steak?”

The Searing Question Gets Answered. Updated March 2022 Perfect isn’t always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill, but when you’re cooking on a Grilla, you’re on your way. Sick of eating dried up meat, missing the sear or charring? Get a Grilla Grill and reach (near) perfection. The secret […]

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How to Cook a Pizza on a Pellet Grill

Your wood pellet grill can help you make restaurant quality pies. Updated March 2022 What’s better than your favorite Friday night pizza pie piled high with sauce, cheese and tons of toppings? Making a fresh homemade pizza yourself using our foolproof pellet grill pizza recipe, of course! In fact, making a delicious grilled pizza on […]

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“Is My Smoker Creating Enough Smoke?”

So Your Pellet Grill Doesn’t Smoke as Much as You Expected. Learn What Might Be Happening. Updated March 2022 You bought the best pellet smoker you could find on the market. Bravo! You’re on your way to making mouthwatering and maybe even award-winning BBQ recipes.  But if you’re new to using a pellet grill, you […]

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