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The True Cost of Cheap Pellet Grills

Why Investing in Quality Matters

When it comes to spending your own hard-earned money on a new wood pellet grill, you want to invest in a product that is going to last you for a while. There are many differences between purchasing a cheap wood pellet grill and a pellet grill that is built with quality materials. Even though the cheaper grill may be easier on your wallet in the short run, the long-term costs will quickly outweigh the initial savings. So, if you’re thinking of buying a cheap pellet grill, continue reading to learn about the true costs that could be associated with your decision.

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What Do You Sacrifice with a Cheap Pellet Grill?

Cheap pellet grills mean sad dinners, embarrassing fires to put out and usually more money spent in the long run. When you go cheap, you end up:

  • Overcooking or undercooking your food: What did that steak ever do to you? Be a hero in your own backyard with a quality grill that helps you control temperature and flavor. Grilla Grills offer flavor and temp control you just won’t find in any other products, so you can orchestrate the perfect food every time.
  • Spending more: When manufacturers cut corners to save a few bucks or spit out tons of cheap grills without putting in the design work, you end up with a grill that just won’t last, which means you end up spending money again and again buying new. Grilla Grills is a company run by metal engineers and passionate grillers. We’ve designed a pellet grill we’re proud to back up with our knowledge of engineering.
  • Getting embarrassed: Ever tried to get in touch with a customer service rep at a no-name company? Ever had something badly made fall apart in your hands? We’ve all been there, which is why we created Grilla Grills to be built like tanks. The difference is that these tanks help you create the most mouth-watering brisket, chicken and grilled food you’ve ever tried.

What’s the Best Grill for Me?

If you’re looking for a grill, you now know why you shouldn’t go cheap. But what’s a good grill? How can you be sure to find one designed to help you create the right food all summer or all year long? Well school is in session, and grill season is just around the corner. Here’s what to look for in a grill:

  • Fuel: You need to figure out what you’ll be cooking with. Propane? Wood? Charcoal?  Wood pellet is not only a classic, but it will give you some of the best control over temperature.
  • Controls: A little control is not just smart. With grilling, it can help keep everyone safe by ensuring that all uncooked meat is grilled to safe temperatures. Wood pellet grills offer some of the best controls, including digital thermostats. They’ll even allow you to set your digital thermostat and walk away. The grill will let you know when dinner is done, meaning you can mingle or relax instead of hovering over the grill and checking for “doneness” every few minutes. Another big advantage here: High levels of control will let you get the taste just right, so you’ll end up with mouth-watering party food.
  • Size: Size matters. How much space do you have for setup? How many are you cooking for? Keep in mind that one of the golden rules of grilling is not to overcrowd. In general, allow for about 10” x 10” of grill space per person. Divide that number by how many buddies end up in your yard.
  • Head space: How much space is there between the inside of the lid and the cooking grate? Look for plenty of room and a removable warming rack if you want to smoke or cook hams, briskets and turkeys.

What’s a Good Pellet Grill Made of?

This is the most important aspect you should look into when buying a new pellet grill. You always hear people saying that a product will cost more money if it’s built with better quality materials and that is absolutely true when it comes to pellet grills. Let’s start with the basics – the most common material that is used when producing a pellet grill is steel. There are many different types of steel from high-grade stainless steel to lower grades that aren’t as sturdy. Cheap pellet grills will be constructed of a decent grade of steel when creating the outer appearance so that it’s sharp to look at. However, the inner parts of the grill are made out of lower-grade metals. Do you see the problem here? Even though the grill may look aesthetically pleasing from the outside, these nice looks won’t make up for thelow-quality materials that are used inside. This can quickly lead to the inner components of the grill deteriorating and in need of replacements. This ultimately results in you spending additional money to replace these parts once they are no longer functional.

See the Grill Possibilities

Not only do cheap grills not hold up as well, but there are additional benefits to better steel and construction, too. Construction quality matters in wood pellet grills, no matter the price. Take the video below where we compare Grilla Grill’s double wall insulation to Camp Chef, which is not a cheap grill by any stretch. This video shows how well the Grilla Grills pellet grill is able to retain heat, keep the cool out, and use less fuel than many other wood pellet grills. Now imagine how much difference this would make compared to a bargain basement pellet grill from a big box store!


What About All the Pellet Grill Gadgets?

Technology is a focus of many pellet grill manufacturers today including features such as Bluetooth temperature controls with an option to download an application on your smartphone. While these features are great, they can sometimes get in the way of the actual materials used to create the structure of the grill. At Grilla Grills, we’ve always put the focus on what we, and our customers, believe are the most important components of the grill. That means you’re paying for high-quality components in the places that tend to be most likely to fail on other cheaper grills, and many in the same price range that have more bells and whistles.

The bottom line is that it’s extremely important to do your own research of what materials are used to create the grill because after all, you don’t want your grill to start breaking down after one summer of using it. Any additional gadgets that came with the grill won’t be worth much if the grill itself no longer works!

Is There a Warranty Included?

Warranties are an important part of purchasing a new pellet grill because it assures that the manufacturer stands behind the build quality of the product.  It’s just like buying a new car – you want a warranty that will cover the costs of a repair if something happens to go wrong after buying. Depending on the pellet grill that you buy, there is a wide range of different warranties that are included. Cheap pellet grills will sometimes include a short-term, limited warranty that covers next to nothing. A quality manufacturer will be willing to add some years onto their warranties and cover all the components you’d expect (for example, Grilla Grills offers a 4-year warranty with VERY little fine print on the popular Silverbac model). So, if your cheap grill magically makes it past its warranty date unscathed and then something happens to it, you will be left paying out of pocket for the costs of fixing it or replacing parts. By comparison, pellet grills that have a lifetime or long-term warranty will give you more peace of mind rather than worrying about how you will pay for the next component that malfunctions or breaks suddenly.

When it comes to buying a new pellet grill, do yourself a favor and conduct some serious research on the grills you are looking to purchase before jumping into it. Just because a pellet grill looks sharp on the outside and has a cheap price tag to go along with it, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have spent less money over the course of three or four years compared to buying a well-built pellet grill with a good warranty.

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