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Using Coffee to Take Your BBQ to the Next Level

Every pitmaster deserves a secret weapon, including the most common hot caffeinated beverage in America. Coffee can take your BBQ from basic to beyond belief. Of course, you have to use coffee the right way at the right time or you won’t get the kick and excitement that comes with it. 

A Coffee Rub Changes the Flavor Profile of Meat

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of using a coffee BBQ rub or marinade for beef, you need to understand the chemistry of coffee. As you probably know, if you drink a little too much, you might get heartburn. You can thank the acids in coffee for your esophageal dilemma. However, those same acids, along with enzymes, help break down and tenderize meat. 

Using Coffee to Take Your BBQ to the Next Level

Beyond coffee’s acidic composition, it can bring a wealth of flavors to any rub or liquid. If you’re a java drinker, you know that some coffee contains earthier, almost nutty overtones. Other coffee tastes almost sweet with a cocoa finish or can even lean toward the fruity side. 

At the end of your grilling adventure, the coffee you choose will affect the taste of the meat accordingly, so you should pick a coffee that will enhance your result. 

Tips for Getting the Best Coffee BBQ Rub

Are you excited by the idea of adding coffee to your meat and BBQ recipes for your pellet grill? Keep these tips in mind before jumping into our fantastic coffee meat rub recipe.

  • Make sure you choose the right coffee grind. If your coffee is too coarse, it might add an unpleasant crunchiness to the meat. 
  • You need to add other spices and seasonings in addition to coffee. Some great additions include sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder and sugar.
  • You can use freshly brewed coffee for sauce and gravy bases, too. A few ounces of espresso may make your sauce thinner, but it could also perk it up. Just make sure to warn eaters, so they don’t overdo it and end up staying awake all night.

Add Some BBQ Flavor

Coffee Meat Rub Recipe

When you’re ready to create your first coffee BBQ rub, keep it simple. Afterward, you can get creative, but you have to understand the foundation first. 

In a small bowl, combine:

  • 1 tablespoon coarsely ground salt
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon finely ground dark roast coffee
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon of smoky paprika

Use your fingers or a fork to mix everything well. Next, rub a little olive oil on your meat then massage the rub into the meat. Wrap the meat in plastic and allow the coffee-based rub to work its magic for two to four hours. Finally, toss the meat on the grill and cook it to perfection.

Make a Coffee BBQ Today

Will anyone know that you’ve tossed some java their way? Probably not. Should you tell? Well, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to spill the coffee beans.

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