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Cooking Gifts for Men: A Holiday Shopper’s Guide

Cooking Gifts for Men A Holiday Shoppers Guide

Guys, as a rule, love getting new toys for the hobbies they’re obsessed with — and trust us when we say that men who love to cook are no different! That’s especially true when it comes to grill and smoker enthusiasts, who never seem to get tired of looking for new ways to master savory, smoky flavors. (We can sympathize!) Looking for this holiday season’s best gifts for grillers? You’re in luck! Grilla Grills has everything you need to indulge a man’s culinary obsession, from sleek grill tools to powerful pellet grills. Start your search here for the coolest (or should we say hottest?) cooking gifts for men right here. 

Somebody Get This Man a Grill!

A grill is one of those all-time classic gifts for a guy who loves to cook. Plus, you’re not limited to traditional grill types: Today’s world of grills includes cool new options like pellet grills and kamado grills! (For more info on how these grills work, check out our pellet grill guide and kamado grill guide.) Each one offers a different version of the grilling experience, so you’ve got lots of choices even for a guy who might already have another type of grill. Let’s do a quick “meat and greet” (sorry) with some top holiday contenders from Grilla Grills and find out what kind of guys will enjoy them most! 

top holiday gift ideas for grillers

1. For the Gadget Guy

Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill Alpha Connect

The man who loves grilling and gadgets equally will go gonzo for our Alpha Connect WiFi pellet grill technology. Grilla pellet grill models now include an Alpha Connect smart control board that offers temperature control, monitoring and other essential functions, all through a connected mobile device app! 

Of course, high-tech features are just the appetizer — the design of the Silverbac itself is the deliciously powerful main course. He’ll be over the moon for the double-walled design and set-and-forget operation that have made the Silverbac a favorite for pitmasters across North America. You, of course, will reap the benefits in BBQ.

2. For the Competition Cook

Silverbac AT Pellet Grill

Know a guy who takes it to the next level in BBQ (or aspires to)? Our Silverbac AT pellet grill is built for road-worthy performance and competition-level grilling and smoking! Under the hood, it’s the same awesome grill as the classic Silverbac (including Alpha Connect), but with a rugged external design that makes it simple to take anywhere. 

The Silverbac AT features a built-in cart and rugged wheels that can handle pavement, gravel, grass, dirt or pretty much whatever else you can throw at them. A pitmaster hitting the competition circuit will love its portability, and he’ll really love the signature Silverbac performance that’s made to deliver prize-winning BBQ.

3. For the Tailgate Titan

Chimp Tailgater Pellet Grill

Know a guy who reserves stadium parking six months in advance for his legendary tailgates? The Grilla Grills Chimp Tailgater is built to become his new best friend. This miniature MVP of a pellet grill fits easily into a truck bed or hatchback, but it comes with full-sized features, including Alpha Connect smart technology.

Perhaps best of all, the Chimp now includes a 400W power inverter that connects to a standard 12V battery (the kind in cars and trucks), so he’ll never have to worry about hauling around a generator or finding an outlet! That makes it the ultimate choice for pitmasters who need maximum portability with no compromise in performance. 

4. For the Charcoal Connoisseur

Kong Kamado Grill

For many guys, there’s nothing quite like the classic taste of food grilled over charcoal, and the Kong Kamado Grill is a charcoal grill unlike any other. Inspired by the kamado grills used in East Asia for thousands of years, the Kong is built with a ceramic lining that retains heat in a way no other style of grill does. 

That’s why it works not just as a traditional charcoal grill, but also as a low-and-slow BBQ smoker and as a convection oven! Like its namesake, the Kong can go pound-for-pound with anything in the jungle, whether that’s a big batch of burgers for a cookout, a mouth-watering brisket or even a cherry cobbler. If he’s looking for a versatile cooking tool that bridges the traditional and the now, the Kong is king.

5. For the Gas Gourmand

Primate Gas Grill and Griddle

Many grillmasters love gas grills for their convenience, versatility and ease of use. The Primate gas grill and griddle sets a new standard for all of the above! This fire-breathing beast brings everything a grilling enthusiast loves about gas grilling, then takes it up another notch with features that make it a full-fledged flat top griddle.

The Primate starts out as a heavy duty stainless steel gas grill, with a double-walled lid, four 15,000-BTU burners and 490 inches of kitchen space. If he’s craving some diner-style delicacies like hash browns, or a perfectly seared steak, it’s a simple matter of using the included griddle top attachment! The Primate can also run on natural gas with a little help from our natural gas conversion kit (sold separately), making it a great choice for more permanent outdoors setups.

6. For the Prince of the Patio

Outdoor Kitchen Island Kit

Know a guy who loves outdoor entertaining? Our modular outdoor kitchen kit is an all-in-one way to create and customize his own patio kitchen! We offer tons of different modules including a sink, mini fridge, countertops and even a built-in grill — all constructed from stainless steel and featuring stylish black porcelain countertops that look awesome on any patio.

It’s also super easy to set up! These modular units arrive fully assembled and ready to use, so he can jump right into enjoying his new outdoor kitchen. In addition, the modular design makes it a breeze for him to customize his setup — he can rearrange them to his heart’s content or even add more modules later as he builds the patio kitchen of his dreams!

Give the Gift of a Grill

tools and toys cooking gifts

10 Grill Tools & Toys That Make Great Cooking Gifts for Men

Of course, what’s a grill without some awesome accessories to go with it? There are tons of little extras that make grilling and smoking easier, more fun and, overall, a more delicious experience. Here are ten of the tastiest gifts from our grill gear collection:

1. Meat Thermometer

meat thermometer

A reliable meat thermometer is a true must-have piece of culinary hardware for any guy who cooks meat, especially if he’s into smoking big pieces like brisket and pork butt. Enter: the Grilla Grills instant read thermometer! With its extra-large auto-rotating display and easy-to-use design, it’s ready to become his go-to temp testing tool for steaks, smoked BBQ meats and more. 

2. Sauce & Rub Collection

gold n bold bbq sauce

Every pitmaster needs some go-to sauces and spice rubs on hand, as well as a place to keep them. That’s why the Grilla sauce and rub caddy makes a great gift — especially when it’s filled with selections from our lineup of savory sauces and spice blends! Our caddy is made from rugged stainless steel, and our sauces range from a classic southern BBQ to a bold and zesty golden sauce, plus an assortment of mouth-watering dry rubs. Each works both on its own and as a base for other sauces and rubs if he likes to get creative with flavors!

3. Meat Shredding Claws

Meat Shredding Claws

Is he still pulling his pork butts and tinga chicken with forks? Give him permission to unleash his inner animal with this set of stainless steel meat shredding claws! We’ve designed our shredding claws for extended comfort and a long life, with nylon handles that stay cool and heavy-duty shredding points that create a perfect pulled texture every time. 

4. Wood Pellets

Cherry Wood Pellets

Practical gifts are a favorite for a lot of guys, and for pellet grill pitmasters, nothing’s more practical than a big bag of wood pellets! We offer 20-pound bags of premium hardwood pellets, with no binders or additives, in multiple popular varieties including hickory, cherry and mesquite. Not sure what his favorite is? You can’t go wrong with our best-selling, all-purpose Competition Blend pellets

5. Grill Inverter 

Grilla 400W Inverter

Our 400W inverter will allow you to enjoy all the great features of pellet grilling on the go. Whether you’re camping, tailgating or at your kids sporting event, you’ll be prepared! Simply hook up the inverter to a 12V battery, plug your grill in, and get to grillin’. This inverter pairs perfectly with our Chimp Tailgater WiFi Pellet Grill.

6. Grill Grates

Grill Grate For Grilla

Every Grilla Grill comes standard with ¼-inch stainless steel grates, but we also offer customizable grates purpose-built for taking high-heat sizzle to the next level! All he has to do is place them on top of the existing grill grates, then load them up with steaks, burgers or just about anything else that he wants to cook at a high temperature. The smaller surface focuses the heat onto the food and cooks it with sizzling efficiency — while creating the picturesque set of grill lines that outdoor chefs drool over.

7. Pizza Stone

Pizza Stone For Grill

With a little help from a pizza stone, pellet and kamado grills also make great pizza ovens! For the price of ordering just one delivery pizza, you can give him a high-quality pizza stone that cooks a perfect pizza crust on the grill every time. This time-tested invention uses a hollow stone to cook the crust evenly all the way through, with no need to cover the pizza. Using it couldn’t be simpler: Throw the stone on the grill, let it heat up and it’s ready to put the pizza on!

8. BBQ Tool Set

BBQ Tool Set

Every pitmaster needs his essential tools — tongs, spatula, meat fork and marinade brush. The Grilla BBQ tool set includes all four, built to last with durable steel and real wood! Oh, and he’ll get a tough and stylish canvas carrying case with it to make sure his tools are always where he needs them. 

9. Grill Mat

Grill Mat

Improve your grilling space with a heavy duty grill mat. Custom made to fit perfectly underneath any Grilla Grill providing better protection, better grip against high-winds and a surface that’s incredibly easy to clean. Get yourself a grill mat and keep your deck or outdoor kitchen looking great for the long haul!

10. Grilla Gift Card

grilla grills gift card

Not quite sure what will get his fire burning? That’s OK — a Grilla gift card puts the power in his hands! Choose your denomination and purchase instantly online for an awesome gift with no hassle, no shipping fees and no need to worry about returns. 

Believe it or not, there’s even more where that came from! Check out all of our awesome grill accessories for more gift ideas, or discover all the tasty possibilities of our full collection of grills. Cooking up a festive dinner? We’ve got some tastebud-tingling holiday dinner ideas that will get you and all of your guests into the spirit of the season!

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