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“What’s the Difference Between the Grilla and the Silverbac?”

Two Incredible Wood Pellet Grills. How to Choose Which to Buy? Shane’s Here to Help.

It’s a difficult process: in truth, you’d like to buy the Grilla and the Silverbac wood pellet grills, and hey, throw in the Kong too. But in reality, you’ve got to start the family small. While it’s a tough decision, the good news is that you can’t really make a bad choice between the Silverbac and the Grilla. Let’s break it down:

Will one cook better than the other?

Yes, the Grilla provides a bit of a better cook. This is because the shape of the Grilla gives more of a convection air flow, which allows better color and penetration into the meat.  This is why many of the pros using our products in BBQ competitions opt for the Grilla over the Silverbac.  This is not to say the Silverbac is a slouch by any means, but the Grilla does perform slightly better.

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Will the Silverbac use more pellets than the Grilla?

Yes, because of its size it will use more pellets than the Grilla. This is based on the amount of space that has to be heated. With the double layer of metal in the bottom of the Silverbac, this is quite efficient. However, if you don’t need the extra cook space, then the Grilla may be the better choice here.

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Based on quality, how does the Grilla Grills line compare to other midrange pellet grills?

I think we would all agree that dollar for dollar and bolt for bolt our grills are as good, and in many cases, better than others in the same segment. Grilla Grills made the warranty easy to read and we pride ourselves on customer service. We made sure to overbuild the pieces that typically fail, but we also trimmed the fat on the pieces that we felt were fluff, like PID controllers, to keep the prices very reasonable.  If you have not seen Mark’s video comparing the Silverbac to the Traeger 34, check it out:

No matter which grill you choose, you won’t be disappointed. With the low price tag, free shipping to your door, and quality-built machinery, you’ll be itching to add to your personal Grilla Grills pack the moment you open the box.

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