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“Should I Choose an Expensive Kamado?”

Don’t Be Fooled By Pricey Kamado Grills. You Can Get the Best On The Market Without Breaking the Bank.

The kamado grill market is pretty competitive, filled with a wide range of prices and sizes. This leaves a lot of questions for first time customers like, “Which kamado grill should I buy?” and “How much do I have to pay for a good kamado grill?” Since there has been very little in the way of innovation in the past ten years, the majority of them cook well. I personally have been cooking on kamado grills for about seven years. At first, I was one of the guys who thought you had to buy the big name brand, which explained spending $1200. Then I realized price didn’t make a good grill. Regardless of its expensive price tag, the other brands of kamado cooked just as well.

Inexpensive Kamados Work the Same

These marvels of ceramics can smoke for 12+ hours on just a few chunks of high end lump charcoal. They have the flexibility of being able to sear a steak on Monday, turn out a wood-fired pizza on Tuesday, and then pull off some of the best lo’ and slo’ pork shoulder on Saturday.

If you’re a kamado person, let’s relish it and celebrate it. You like being involved in the cooking process, you like being hands on, and you want one grill that can do it all while still giving you that authentic wood-fired flavor.

So Why Pay More for a Pricier Kamado Grill?

When you break it down, most kamado manufacturers have very similar warranties. Ignore what they tell you about their “special” ceramic formulation. It adds nothing to the efficiency, longevity, or quality of these grills and certainly doesn’t justify the extra expense.

I honestly wish someone had told me this and shown me something like the Kong those seven years ago. I would have a great grill, kept $400 in my wallet, and been much happier (not to mention my wife wouldn’t have been as astounded at the price tag!).

Try the Kong Kamado

As With Any Grill Purchase, You Deserve to Have the Best

The reality is that Grilla Grills has put the money where it counts on the Kong. From the stainless steel hardware, to the insanely built cradle, to the dual layer split grates, to the oversized side tables, the Kong comes equipped with all the things you would pay extra for from other kamado manufacturers.

I’m not here to argue who makes the best kamado grill; frankly I think they are all great. But why pay more than $799 shipped directly to you when it won’t add to your cooking experience? I’ll let you decide which is the best while I count each dollar saved.

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