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Grilla Grills Helps Indiana School with BBQ Education Program

Remember the days when we all wished we could be out at a backyard barbecue instead of stuck in a classroom learning lessons in our 4th grade classes? What if we were able to combine the efficiency of classroom learning, with the fun of working hands on and learning new skills?

Well wonder no more, Grilla Grills has partnered with Central Noble Elementary School in Albion, Indiana to help create a new type of learning experience where students are trading books for tongs and getting the hands-on lessons of a lifetime. We spoke with Principal Jared Knipper about the interesting new style of hands-on practical learning.

The Central Noble 4th Graders pose for a photo with the Silverbac they assembled by themselves.

Q: Jared, what’s this program look like for the kids from 10,000 feet?

A: The goal is for the kids to create their own BBQ company. There’s a lot for them to learn from memory and recall, fine motor skills, butcher skills, mathematics, video editing, marketing and a lot more. They’ve decided to call it the Little Cooker BBQ Company!

“When you create things with your hands, you’re becoming so much more engaged.”

Jared Knipper

Q: The class started working on this a few weeks ago, how are they taking to it so far?

A: The kids think it’s so cool. When we’re busy the kids are hounding me about it, so we can get back to it.

Q: Why do you think they’re enjoying it so much?

A: There’s just so much these kids might never have been exposed to before with this. I grew up cooking in my home with the family, but a lot of these kids aren’t cooking with their parents or barbecuing. When you create things with your hands, you’re becoming so much more engaged. Seeing the kids act as teachers for other kids is very beneficial, and shows they’re retaining what they’re learning.

The Central Noble kids try out the first brisket they made together!

Q: Any fun stories come out of this yet?

A: There’s one girl who has a pellet grill at home and she get’s so frustrated if the other students use the wrong terms. You can tell she’s really passionate and cooks with her family at home. She’s great at helping the other kids in the class if they’re having a tough time with something.

Q: Is there anything that’s surprised you so far?

A: It’s cool so see how excited the kids are to share what they’ve learned. They made a brisket, and right away they ate the first half of the brisket. They loved it, but right after they ate, they wanted to take the other half of it around to everyone else. They gave it to the librarians, other teachers, janitor, everyone. Seeing how happy they were to share was just awesome.

Q: Alright, be honest, how was the brisket?

A: Well, I’ll put it this way. One of our staff tried it, and said the kid’s brisket was better than what her husband can make. That Grilla Grills Beef Rub is really good. By far, it gets the best bark and flavor I’ve ever had, and I’ve been smoking meat for 20 years.

“That Grilla Grills Beef Rub is really good. By far, it gets the best bark and flavor I’ve ever had, and I’ve been smoking meat for 20 years.”

Jared Knipper

Q: The kids are working on a Silverbac, how has it been treating them so far?

A: Well, the kids have done everything on their own since

I’m not kidding, I’ve cooked on everything for the last 20 years. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever cooked with, and it makes some of the best food.

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