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How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen for BBQ Buffs

How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen for BBQ Buffs

Many pitmasters have spent some time imagining their ideal outdoor kitchen. It looks a little different for everybody, but it’s got some common elements for most outdoor cooking lovers. You’ve probably had visions of stainless steel appliances, sleek countertops and — of course — the thin blue smoke of your dreams rising from the grill.

Here’s the (BBQ) rub: Dreaming about your outdoor kitchen is lots of fun, but actually making it happen is a whole other side of beef! So many different options are available, and the required money and effort on your part can stack up fast. It’s important to go into the process with a clear idea of what you’re looking for and to know about options that can help you save time and expenses. We’re all grill-crazy here at Grilla Grills, so rest assured that we’ve been in your position before. That’s why we put together this guide on how to build an outdoor kitchen — and why we created  the Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen island kit, a new way to get a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Why So Many Pitmasters Want an Outdoor Kitchen

These are some of the reasons that adding an outdoor kitchen is a bucket list goal for a lot of pitmasters:

  • First, an outdoor kitchen has huge practical benefits for your grill game. You’ll have a kitchen-quality workspace centered on your grill, with plenty of counter space and easy access to all your grilling tools, rubs and sauces. That can open up a ton of possibilities when it comes to cooking larger amounts of food and/or more complex recipes.
  • An outdoor kitchen encourages you to spend more time outside with friends and family, enjoying great food and the beauty of the outdoors. When throwing some steaks on the grill is as easy as cooking them inside, you’ll never have to make an excuse to enjoy the fresh air!
  • Outdoor kitchens can form a seamless part of an entire outdoor dining area setup. If you enjoy grilling and you’re looking for a general upgrade to your outdoor entertaining space, adding an outdoor kitchen is something to strongly consider.
  • Trying to break your addiction to expensive and unhealthy takeout? Start cooking up some delicious BBQ recipes in your new outdoor kitchen, and you very well might throw that Chinese menu away for good. Grilling can even have health benefits when compared with other cooking methods, and certainly when stacked up against fried fast food. Folks who gag at steamed veggies will often scarf down their grilled counterparts.
  • Outdoor spaces are hot in today’s real estate market, and some studies have shown that homes with outdoor kitchens can sell for significantly more. Although an outdoor kitchen should first and foremost be something that you and your family want, potentially increasing your home value is definitely a benefit worth thinking about!

steaks being grilled closeup

Getting excited yet? You should be! Before you start planning your first BBQ throwdown, however, there are some big-picture questions to figure out. 

Questions to Ask About Your Outdoor Kitchen

To plan your outdoor kitchen, try starting with some basic questions about what you want from the project:

  • What type of grill do you want to use for your main cooking appliance?
  • How many people would you like to be able to cook for?
  • Do you want to be able to use the outdoor kitchen year-round or seasonally?
  • How do you want to integrate your outdoor kitchen with patios, gardens and other existing outdoor structures?
  • Will your outdoor kitchen’s location be a “perimeter” (close to the house) or “satellite” (away from the house) site?
  • Do you need a permit from your local government, homeowners’ association, or another authority before you start an outdoor kitchen project?

Of course, there’s one more big question that anyone considering an outdoor kitchen will need to ask: What kind of features do you want? This question is worth breaking down in a little more detail, so let’s take a look at the smorgasbord of outdoor kitchen features that are on the market today.

outdoor kitchen features pitmasters love

What Features Should an Outdoor Kitchen Have?

One of the best parts of adding an outdoor kitchen is that you can include pretty much any feature you want to fit your cooking style. Tons of must-have kitchen features are now available in outdoor versions, including everything from sinks to countertops to mini fridges! These are some of the features that pitmasters love the most in their outdoor kitchens:

  • Various types of BBQ grills, including popular choices like WiFi pellet grills and kamado ceramic grills
  • Countertop space for preparing and serving food
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Stone pizza ovens
  • Storage for grilling tools, sauces and other culinary essentials
  • Mini fridge to keep drinks and ingredients cold
  • Cabinet for a hidden trash can
  • Shelter features like pergolas, gazebos and awnings

Take your time figuring out exactly what you want in terms of features and setup — with so many options, it’s understandable if you have a hard time choosing! Eventually, however, it’ll be time to get to the meat of the matter (no pun intended): What will all of these awesome kitchen features cost, anyway? 

The Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can vary a lot in price, depending on what you want from yours. Nonetheless, most experts say you should expect to pay at least $5,500 for a custom outdoor kitchen. Looking to add some bells and whistles like high-end appliances, custom countertops or new hardscaping? Be prepared to see your estimates climb well into the $10,000 or even $20,000 range.

If that sounds a little steep for your budget, you might be wondering about DIY outdoor kitchen options. Building a fully custom outdoor kitchen yourself can certainly save you some cash, but it’s going to be a heavy lift for most people. A seasoned DIY pro with plenty of projects under their belt can probably pull it off, but the average weekend handyman should think long and hard before taking up the challenge of a custom outdoor kitchen. And, regardless, resist the temptation to try the plumbing or electrical work yourself unless you actually are a plumber or electrician.

However, there’s another option that will help you save both money and effort while still getting the kitchen setup you want. If you’d like to skip most of the contractor costs and the hassle of working from scratch, it’s time you got acquainted with the Grilla Grills outdoor BBQ island kit.

Find the Perfect WiFi Pellet Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Introducing the Grilla Grills Outdoor Kitchen

The Grilla Grills kitchen island is what’s known as a modular outdoor kitchen system. These outdoor kitchens are collections of prefab modular units that are easy to install on any existing flat surface like a patio or deck. Modular kitchens allow homeowners to find their perfect combination of appliances, cabinets and counter space, and then install it themselves.

the grilla grills outdoor kitchen

While some of today’s modular kitchen systems cost almost as much as a new custom build, we created the Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen island to be different. Our system is made to give every pitmaster the luxury features and sturdy construction that they want, at a price that provides unbeatable value for the money.

All Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen modules are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, with black porcelain countertops that resist stains and weathering. Each unit also includes adjustable leveling feet for a perfect fit in your outdoor kitchen setup, plus handy features like built-in holes and grommets to simplify cord management. 

Grilla Grills Outdoor Kitchen Modules

These four modules are the current core offerings in our Grilla Grills modular outdoor kitchen series:

  • Grill Base Cabinet: This tough stainless steel shelf makes it simple to install any model of Grilla Grill directly into your outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s the Silverbac, Kong, Grilla or any other model, you’ll be able to mount your grill on a sturdy base with built-in storage underneath. What’s more, it can even fit a variety of other grills, so long as they can fit within the 45″ base platform.
  • Sink and Mini Fridge: Upgrade your outdoor kitchen’s convenience factor with a stainless steel mini fridge and sink. A deep mini fridge with a clear door panel makes cooling drinks and perishables simple. The stainless steel sink, meanwhile, is a convenient way to wash your hands or your vegetables whenever you need to — making it a key part of keeping your outdoor kitchen clean and sanitary. 
  • Corner Piece for Outdoor Kitchen: Add extra counter space and unlock new possibilities for your outdoor kitchen with this corner piece module. Its two-way design means it fits perfectly on either side of your outdoor kitchen set, allowing you to build an “L” shaped setup that fits your available space just right.
  • 31.5″ Outdoor Cabinet and Countertop: Our larger cabinet-countertop model comes with a generously sized drawer and two cabinets. This unit makes a perfect storage and food prep space, and many of our customers like to use the lower cabinets to store a handy hidden trash can. 
  • 19.5″ Outdoor Cabinet and Countertop: The smaller of our cabinet-countertop models is ideal for when you need a little extra counter and cabinet space on your outdoor kitchen island. 
  • Want a ready-to-go outdoor kitchen package? Check out our three-piece and four-piece outdoor kitchen bundles, which come with everything you’ll need to get your outdoor kitchen equipped just the way you want it!

grilla grills outdoor kitchen kit how it works

Building Your Customized Outdoor Kitchen 

It’s never been so easy to add a customized outdoor kitchen island to your patio. Here’s how the Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen kit works: 

  • Measure the space where you’ll be installing your Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen modules. Check the size on each module and make a basic plan for where you want to install them. Note any spots where you have utility hookups, or where you’ll need to have them added.
  • Order your Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen set online, and we’ll ship it to you, fast and free to anywhere in the contiguous U.S. (See our shipping options for Canada.)
  • Your outdoor kitchen pieces will arrive fully assembled and ready for installation. Mix and match the modules’ positions to create your perfect outdoor kitchen. Adjust the leveling feet as desired to make sure everything’s at the perfect height. 
  • Mount your Grilla Grill on the built-in unit module, using the instructions supplied. Stash your supply of wood pellets, charcoal, grilling tools or anything else important in the handy built-in cabinets underneath. 
  • Get a qualified pro to install any necessary utility hookups, such as a water line for a sink or an electrical outlet for a pellet grill. 
  • Your outdoor kitchen is now ready to rock and roll. Want to host a neighborhood BBQ? Have a birthday or graduation party? Just cook a fresh, wood-fired dinner for some special folks? The Grilla Grills BBQ island kit will give you a sturdy, purpose-built cooking space to do it all.

Get Your Kitchen Decked Out with Grilling Accessories

drawer with cooking supplies

We’re on a mission to make sure every pitmaster can get professional-quality grilling tools at a price that offers great value. Check out our whole selection of awesome grills and find the perfect model to fit your Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen! Looking for more info on the practical side of buying a grill? Read our purchase-to-patio guide to buying a Grilla Grill and get up to speed on shipping, prepping your patio and more. Finally, when it’s time to fire up your grill and make some magic, don’t forget about our collection of pellet grill recipes


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