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How to Make Breakfast on the Grill

If you’ve never fired up the grill in the morning to make breakfast, trust us when we say: It rules. A cup of coffee, the fresh morning air and the smell of sizzling meats over a fire — really, what’s not to love? Don’t worry if you’re not yet acquainted with the magic of breakfast on the grill. We’ve got everything you need to know about how to cook scrumptious sausage, excellent eggs and so much more.

steak and eggs meal

What Do I Need to Cook Breakfast on the Grill?

First, let’s talk about your grill. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about having the right kind — from WiFi pellet grills to gas grills and beyond, no one type of grill has a monopoly on delicious breakfast! However, you might need a few tools to help you whip up the perfect morning meal.

Quite a few classic breakfast foods aren’t suited to cooking directly on a grill grate. (Think eggs, hash browns and pancakes — you can see why it doesn’t work.) Instead, you’ll want a nice, flat surface that’s easy to clean and offers even heat distribution. A cast iron frying pan is a classic option for breakfast on the grill. Cast iron pans hold heat incredibly well, and they’re excellent for bacon, skillet meals and all kinds of other breakfast deliciousness. In fact, cast iron is such a versatile cooking tool that it’s worth grabbing one of these pans on general principle. 

Get a Little Griddle

For the serious breakfast cook, however, a griddle attachment for your grill may be just what you need. That’s right — you can turn your grill into a classic diner-style flat top griddle that’s just right for all of your breakfast favorites. Griddles have several big advantages for cooking breakfast:

  • Provides a large, even heating surface that cooks food evenly
  • Prevents grease from dripping down into the grill
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High-capacity cooking surface that can handle multiple types of food at once
  • Able to reach high temperatures if needed (hello, steak and eggs!)

We love griddle grills so much here at Grilla that we made one! Every Grilla Grills Primate gas grill comes equipped with a griddle designed to fit perfectly on the grill’s cooking surface. It’s an amazing tool for cooking breakfast and experimenting with delicious new recipes. In fact, we’ve got some to share with you right now!

Cook a Champion’s Breakfast with a WiFi Pellet Grill

sausage and eggs on cutting board

What Kind of Breakfast Foods Can I Cook on the Grill?

Lots of breakfast delicacies can taste amazing when done on the grill. Here are a few examples from our recipe collection:

  • Ham and Cheese Breakfast Frittata: This savory breakfast MVP is already jammed with flavor, but finishing it in a cast iron pan on the smoker will take it to an unreal level. 
  • Buffalo Candied Bacon: Spice up your bacon with this sweet-and-hot recipe that tastes downright magical as part of a breakfast burger, with a plate of eggs or alongside a stack of pancakes. 
  • Smoked Sausage and Potato Skillet: This incredibly simple recipe brings a winning combo of potatoes, sausage, stone ground mustard and more, and then combines it all in a cast iron pan. 
  • Orange Vanilla Grilled French Toast: Start your day with a sweet treat and whip up some of this deliciously satisfying french toast. 
  • Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole: Need a convenient recipe when you’re cooking brunch for the crowd? This sausage and cheese breakfast casserole will blow their minds with its explosion of savory flavors.

Watch Our Pitmasters Cook Breakfast on the Grill!

We’re always experimenting with our favorite recipes here at Grilla, and we love to share the results with our fellow pitmasters! Check out these videos of the Grilla crew doing their thing, breakfast-style:

Explore All of Our Delicious Grill Recipes

breakfeast foods cooking on grill

Breakfast, lunch or dinner — honestly, we believe there’s never a wrong time to grill! For more ideas to inspire your next masterpiece, check out our favorite easy grilling recipes for busy weeknights, the best grilling ideas for two or our full collection of grill recipes

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