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How to Master the Art of Homegating

The art of homegating was born during the pandemic as folks looked for an alternative way to hang out and enjoy the tailgate atmosphere. But homegating is now here to stay as people everywhere get their own homegating setups going. For some people, the driveway really is the new stadium parking lot!

Here’s what you need to know about homegating, tailgating’s more convenient cousin. Hint: Cold drinks, hot grills, camp chairs and hanging with family and friends are all part of the master recipe. 

several seasoned burger patties cooking on a grill

Make Your Homegate Sizzle with a Portable Pellet Grill

What Is Homegating?

Homegating is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a classic tailgate party, but in your driveway or backyard instead of a stadium parking lot. It’s easier than you might expect to put one together. 

What do you do at a homegating party? Everything you do at a tailgate, of course! That means enjoying classic BBQ recipes, a cooler full of beverages and good company. 

Most homegating happens outdoors since you’ll typically be grilling. However, another cool thing about homegating is that you can even do it inside if necessary (albeit with the grill outdoors). Wherever you choose to have your homegate, it’s all about creating the atmosphere!

Why Homegating Is Awesome

  • Cost: You’ll skip paying for stadium parking, game tickets, highway tolls and all kinds of other expenses. That’s more money to spend on great food!
  • Convenience: You’ve got everything you need at your fingertips when you’re homegating, from a fridge full of food to an easy place to charge your phone. Of course, you’ll still need to pick up the right supplies so check our supply list in the next section to make sure you’re stocked up.
  • Comfort: Homegating means no pre- and post-game traffic, no searching for a good parking spot and no gross stadium bathrooms. And if bad weather strikes, you can always bring the party inside. 
  • Company: Invite whoever you want to your homegate! Forget ending up next to somebody who kills your gameday vibe in the parking lot. Bring family, friends, neighbors and whoever else you want in the mix. 

A Time to Grill

If you’re like most tailgaters, grilling is one of your favorite parts of the experience. So, when you’re planning your homegate, it’s one of the things you should put the most thought into.

Any kind of grill can work well at a homegating party, but our selection at Grilla Grills is perfect for the homegating lifestyle. Pellet grills are especially popular for homegating because of their “set it and forget it” operation, and the Chimp portable pellet grill is a certified tailgating MVP that will serve your homegate well. 

Kamado grills like the Grilla Kong are also perfect for homegating. The Kong’s 600+ inch cooking surface can feed a small army, and its ceramic construction makes it great for cooking in any weather. 

Whatever type of grill you’re using, be sure to keep a good supply of fuel on hand. Grilla’s all natural wood pellets are made from high quality smoking woods, and a single 20-pound bag will last you for a full day of grilling (with pellets leftover for next time). If you’re going the kamado route, make sure you have some natural lump charcoal on hand to light your kamado grill

a grilla grills kamado grill in a backyard

Discover the Joys of a Kamado Grill!

What Else Do You Need for Homegating?

  • The Game: Don’t forget this one! Make plans for how you’ll watch the game after your homegate, whether that’s in your media room or at a local sports bar. Alternatively, if the weather’s nice, you might just choose to set a TV or projector up outside.
  • Beverages: Set up at least one cooler, maybe more, with cold beverages. For cool weather homegating, you might also have something warm available, like coffee, tea, apple cider or mulled wine. Make sure to also stock up on a few non-alcoholic options, too. 
  • Tailgate Games: Grab the cornhole set, beer pong table, putting green or your tailgate game of choice. A little friendly competition will get everybody hyped up and in the mood to celebrate.
  • Grill Supplies: Make sure you’ve got a grill tool set on hand to flip those burgers, plus aluminum foil and other must-have grill supplies. Don’t forget a good selection of sauces and rubs to get those game day flavors perfect.
  • Tables and Seating: Just like with a tailgate, you’ll probably want to grab some small folding tables for your food and condiments. Make sure there’s also some camp or folding chairs for everybody to grab a seat. 
  • Decorations: Show off some team spirit with your decorations. Another fun part of tailgating is getting together to celebrate your team, so don’t hesitate to take your favorite tailgate decorations and bring them home. 

a grilla grills heavy duty

Kick Your Grilling Up a Notch with a BBQ Tool Set

Looking for more inspiration for your homegate cuisine? Feast your eyes on our full selection of recipes for beef, pork, sides and more.

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