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How to Season a Grill 

If you’ve just taken home a brand new Grilla Grill, you’re probably counting down the minutes until you’re grilling and smoking. Your first instinct, after putting it together, might be to light that beautiful beast up and throw on some pork chops, burgers, veggies or whatever else you grill. 

Slow down, cowboy. There’ll be plenty of time for all kinds of smoky, savory creations, but first you need to season your grill. Below, we’ll give you a no-nonsense guide to seasoning your Grilla Grill so your BBQ will have the perfect flavor. 

grill smoking on home deck

What Is Seasoning a Grill?

Seasoning a grill means heating the grill up before smoking or grilling anything on it for the first time. Some grills with a cast iron cooking surface also need to have cooking oil with a high smoke point applied to them while they’re hot. 

In both cases, seasoning the grill is the first step you should take after you’ve assembled your new Grilla Grill. We’ll show you how to season every model of Grilla Grill in just a second — but first, let’s talk a little bit about why.

Why Season Your Grill?

The primary reason for the seasoning process is that it helps burn off anything on the grill that’s left over from manufacturing, including machine oils. That’s stuff you definitely don’t want in that delectable rack of ribs. 

For pellet grills, seasoning is also important because it primes the ignition system with fuel. The auger that powers a pellet grill turns very slowly, so it’s important to get some pellets into the igniter before you attempt to light your grill. 

In the case of cast iron grates or griddles, the oil coating also helps form a non-stick protective coating on the grill. This is important in multiple ways. For one, it helps keep food from sticking to the grill so you don’t accidentally rip that perfect burger patty in half when you try to turn it. But it also prevents the grill from rusting, which is an important part of keeping your grill in great shape.

Seasoning a Pellet Grill

1. Take the internal components out of the grill, including the racks and drip pan. Wash them with hot water and gentle soap.

2. Fill your grill’s hopper with a 20-pound bag of natural, additive-free wood pellets. Turn the grill on and let it run for a few minutes. This will allow the auger to start pushing wood pellets into the igniter. This process is called priming your grill.

3. Once you see pellets start to fall into the burn pot, unplug the grill and put back the internal components you removed.

4. Plug your grill back in and set your temperature control to 450º F. Allow the grill time to reach 450, then let it run for 45 minutes at that temperature. 

5. Finally, bring the grill down to a temperature  of 250º F. Once it’s reached 250, turn your grill off and you are finished seasoning your pellet grill. It’s time to put your grill gloves on and get some of our delicious pellet grill recipes cooking!

Note: If your Grilla pellet smoker ever runs out of fuel, you’ll need to do the priming process again to restart it. You don’t need to go through the entire seasoning process, just the priming.

a crossection of grilla grills silverbac pellet grill

In this picture, you can see how pellets enter the Silverbac’s firepot, and why priming is so important.

Meet Kong: The World’s Mightiest Kamado Grill

Seasoning a Kamado Grill

1. Place some natural lump charcoal in an even pattern inside the bottom of Kong’s fire box. Follow our detailed instructions on how to light a kamado grill. Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries — just please don’t use lighter fluid

2. Once the charcoal is lit, let it get red hot. Don’t stoke or move the charcoal after it starts burning.

3. Allow your grill to reach at least 300 degrees and let it burn for at least 30 minutes.

4. Your Kong kamado grill is seasoned! Now, you can start enjoying your kamado grill right away.

Seasoning a Gas Grill Griddle

1. Grab a pair of tongs, a rag and some cooking oil with a high smoke point. (Don’t use olive oil or animal fats like butter.)

2. Put the griddle on your Primate and wipe it with the dry rag. Fold the rag until it’s easy to hold between your tongs and then grip it with the tongs and wipe back and forth.

3. Turn on your igniter and set the burners to high. 

4. Wait until your griddle begins to turn a dark brown color. This should take approximately 10 minutes.

5. Put a small amount of cooking oil in the center of your griddle. Use the rag to spread it around the griddle, applying a thin but even coat of oil. Make sure to get into the corners and the edges!

6. Let the oil cook off for a few minutes. When the griddle has stopped smoking, it is time to apply the next coat of oil.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, at least 3-5 times total. 

8. Turn off the burners and allow the griddle to come down in temperature. After a few minutes, apply a light final coat of oil, spread it around and you’re finished. Now you’re ready to grill!

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Getting fired up about your new smoker? Be sure to also check out the virtual toolbox that we offer for every Grilla Grill. Each one is packed with informational videos, tips and tricks and other resources specific to your Grilla model. And for a different kind of grill seasoning, peep into our award winning collection of Grilla sauces and rubs.

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