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How to Season a New Kamado Smoker

Congratulations! Your new charcoal smoker arrived! You assembled everything lightning-fast, and now you are ready to get your pitmaster groove going.

But slow down for just a minute. You forgot one thing: Your kamado smoker needs to be seasoned to remove any manufacturing debris left on it, as well as to make sure it is rust-proof.

Seasoning helps set the stage for great results. Before using a charcoal kamado grill for the first time, you need to get it prepped to deliver what you deserve. Let’s explore the steps to season a charcoal grill to perfection.

1. Plug It In

You’ll need to give your smoker some “juice” to start the seasoning process. Plug it into a three-pronged grounded 110V outlet. The little red light on the control panel means “all systems go.”

2. Feed the Hopper

Open the hopper lid and pour in a 20-pound bag of approved food-grade wood pellets.

3. Clean the Cooking Grates

Remove the cooking grates and other interior components. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of the factory oils and other debris.

4. Fire It Up

At this point, you are ready to formally light your first flames as a Grilla owner. Set the temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and let your smoker warm to that temperature. This step in seasoning a smoker helps you ensure all the surfaces are prepped for when you start using your machine.

5. Reinstall the Inner Components

While your smoker is making the climb to 450 degrees, you can begin to reinstall the cooking grates and other interior components. Once your smoker reaches that target temperature, you’ll want to keep it there for about 45 minutes.

As the temperature rises, you’ll notice a high volume of smoke billowing from the unit, but there’s no need to evacuate the property and call the fire department. The smoke will start to dissipate as the fuel in the burn pot ignites.

6. Shut It Off

After the 45 minute mark, you have adequately seasoned your charcoal grill. You can either turn it off and allow the temperature to naturally go down. To turn it off, press the on/off button and wait five minutes for the shutdown process to complete.

Of course, if you’re hungry, you can also get cooking on your new smoker!

7. Get Your Ingredients Ready

The only thing left to do is use your grill to create tons of meals and side dishes, not to mention one-offs and desserts.

Remember that as you are waiting for your charcoal grill to finish its seasoning mode, you can always prep your food. That way, once the seasoning process is complete, you can toss what you want to cook right on your grill and celebrate your Grilla ownership in style.

As a final note, be sure to keep your charcoal grill clean. This helps it remain in tip-top condition season after season. Browse our selection to find your perfect Grilla!

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