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How To Season A Primate Griddle

The day has finally arrived, you’ve set up your brand-new Primate Grill and Griddle and you’re ready to start searing and serving up some backyard BBQ. But wait, if you follow these quick and easy steps to seasoning your griddle, you’ll add years to its lifespan!

What is seasoning a griddle?

Seasoning a griddle is the process of applying oil and creating a protective layer on the surface. It’s done by heating the griddle while applying thin layers of oil and periodically cooking it off.

There are three primary reasons to season your griddle. First is that it helps clean anything on the griddle that’s left over from manufacturing or packaging.

The oil coating you create while seasoning also helps form a longer lasting non-stick protective. You coating on the griddle.

Finally, it prevents the griddle from rusting which will extend the lifespan as long as possible!

Tools Needed:

  • Long Tongs
  • Rag (This will be ruined by the end.)
  • Cooking oil with a high flashpoint (No animal fats or olive oil.)


1. Grab a pair of tongs, a rag and some cooking oil with a high smoke point.

1.1. Vegetable, canola or avocado oil all work perfectly well.

1.2. Do NOT use a shammy or microfiber cloth, they can melt onto the surface of the griddle.

2. Place the griddle on your Primate and wipe it with the dry rag. Your goal is to remove any dust and packaging debris from the griddle.

3. Turn on your burners to med/high heat and ignite. Allow the burners to heat the dry griddle.

3.1. Do NOT put down the lid of the Primate at any point during this process.

4. Wait until your griddle begins to turn a dark brown color. This should take approximately 10-minutes.

5. Put a small amount of cooking oil in the center of your griddle. Use the rag to spread it around the griddle, applying a thin but even coat. Make sure to get into the corners and the edges!

5.1 To spread the oil, fold the rag until it’s easy to hold between your tongs and then grip it. Have a place nearby to put down the rag and tongs while you wait for the oil to cook off between applications.

6. Let the oil cook off for a few minutes. When the griddle has stopped smoking, it is time to apply the next coat of oil.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, at least 3-5 times total. The more you do it, the thicker your coating will be.

8. Turn off the burners and allow the griddle to come down in temperature. After a few minutes, apply a light final coat of oil, spread it around and you’re finished. Now you’re ready to use your griddle!

9. To maximize the lifespan of the coating, ensure you scrape off any food residue after using the griddle. Always apply a light layer of oil to the griddle surface immediately after cleaning.

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