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How to Store Wood Pellets

How to Store Wood Pellets

Buying premium 20-pound bags of wood pellets for your grill is one thing — storing them the right way is another. Fortunately, you just have to take a few steps to store your wood pellets correctly and up your BBQ pellet storage game. When you get them out, they’ll be ready for use in your Grilla smoker to smoke a pork tenderloin, tri-tip or head of cabbage.

Do Wood Pellets Go Bad?

Wood pellets can easily rot because they’re made of wood that will decompose or at least become moist and pliable under the right circumstances. When wood pellets go past their prime, their flavor wanes and they lose their ability to burn. The last thing you want is a flame-out as you’re trying to start your Chimp.

Another reason to pay attention to the health of your wood pellets is that they could jam the auger if they soften too much. Avoid these pains by keeping a few smoker pellet storage tips in mind, which we’ll tackle below.

Storing Wood Pellets the Right Way

After you order and receive your Grilla Grills wood pellet bags, following these best practices:

  • Pour your wood pellets into multi-gallon plastic containers with lids that seal. Many pitmasters swear by those huge tubs made for dog food. The container will keep moisture out and lock freshness in.
  • Store your smoker pellets in a dry environment. Every season, consider the driest spot to keep your wood pellets, so they don’t soak up moisture from the air and get squishy. Avoid your damp basement or wet shed. 
  • Break a wood pellet in half to test the batch before scooping a bunch into the hopper. If the pellet doesn’t snap, it might not be fresh. Examine a few more pellets to see if they have soaked up too much moisture. 
  • Avoid storing your wood pellets in bags or other containers near a heat source. Water heaters, fireplaces, tools and even vehicles can produce enough heat or sparks to set your pellets blazing at the wrong time.
  • Keep any bagged smoker pellets off the floor. It’s amazing how easily water can find its way onto your floor, even in a location you would swear was always dry.
  • Check out the pellets already in your grill before firing it up. Pellet grills from Grilla Grills allow you to keep the wood pellets inside the hopper for a couple of months. However, if the pellets get wet, they could lose their ability to smoke. Always perform a visual and physical examination of your pellets to make sure they’re as ready to grill as you are.

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Every bag of wood pellets you purchase should produce up to 20 hours of smoke depending on whether you cook low and slow or hot and fast. Make the most of your investment by pampering your pellets. You’ll love the delicious, dependable results.

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