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How to Use Grill Mats on Your Deck or Patio

Even the most diehard outdoor cooking lover will admit that grilling can get a little messy. It comes with the territory — but that doesn’t make it any more fun to have to clean up grease and spilled food from under your grill after a cookout. And if you’ve just refinished your deck or patio, the thought of repairing scuff marks from your grill might make you cringe. That’s where patio grill mats from Grilla Grills come in! These heavy-duty PVC mats will help you keep your grill in place and your patio or deck in great shape. Let’s learn about how to use grill mats from Grilla Grills and what they can do for your outdoor cooking area.

a grilla grills grill mat

What Is a Grill Mat?

A grill mat for your deck or patio is a sturdy rubber mat that sits underneath your grill. These mats are made from thick and durable types of rubber such as PVC rubber with a built-in grip surface on top to help keep the grill in place. Note that we’re not talking about the type of grill mats that are placed directly on your grill for cooking. Grilla Grills grill mats are designed to go underneath your grill to keep it in place and protect your patio. If you’re interested in mats for cooking, check out our grill mesh mats instead! 

Benefits of Using a Grill Mat

Why are grill mats such a popular accessory for pitmasters? These are some of the benefits that a Grilla Grills under-grill mat can provide for your deck or patio: 

  • Help prevent the wheels or feet on your grill from scuffing the finish on your deck or patio.
  • Catch grease, spilled food and anything else that could make a mess underneath the grill.
  • Keep your grill on a stable and level surface. 
  • Help prevent your grill from moving in windy conditions.
  • Simple to wash off with just a hose and washcloth.

Thinking about getting an under-grill mat? Next, we’ll talk about how incredibly easy it is to add one of these mats to your deck or patio!

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How to Use Grill Mats on Your Deck or Patio

One of the best parts about deck grill mats is how simple they are to use. Here’s how to use the Grilla Grills grill mat on your deck or patio: 

  1. Make sure your grill is turned off, unplugged and completely cool. 
  2. Move the grill to another spot temporarily. Many Grilla Grills models, such as the Grilla Grills Silverbac AT, include built-in wheels on their bases that make it easy to do this yourself. That said, it’s still not a bad idea to have a friend help you!
  3. Place the grill mat in the spot where you want your grill to stand. There’s no need to attach the mat to the deck; these thick and heavy mats will stay in place all by themselves. 
  4. Move the grill back into place. Your grill mat will keep your patio protected and your grill on firm footing. The mat’s 34″ x 56″ size accommodates all Grilla Grills models, including our WiFi pellet grills, Kong kamado grill and Primate gas grill
  5. When you’re ready to clean the mat, simply remove your grill, and then wash the mat down with a hose and washcloth. The mat’s durable construction makes it incredibly easy to clean.

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A grill mat is just the beginning. Check out some more of our favorite outdoor kitchen pieces and grill accessories to create a setup that feeds your creativity (and your appetite): 

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Of course, we couldn’t end without bringing up one very important part: the BBQ itself! Browse Grilla Grills’ full selection of delectable pellet grill recipes and find your next cookout crowd pleaser, date night dinner or BBQ competition crusher.

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