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How Tough is Your Grill?

See how this customer’s grill survived the elements

We’re always grateful for customers who reach out to us with feedback. We recently received a note from a customer describing just how tough his Silverbac is.

We realize that harsh weather can be a factor no matter where you live. We’ve done our best to make sure that our grills stand up to the heat cold, wind, and rain. We’ve included things such as built in, double wall insulation for those cold temperatures, and sturdy stainless steel materials to keep the wind from doing much damage.

Read below as one customer describes how strong winds tore apart his yard, and even with the Silverbac falling victim and taking a tumble, still performed flawlessly for dinner that night!


First off I hardly ever write an review or contact a manufacturer unless I find a great product….

I just wanted to relay my story about my Grilla Grill and how tough the Silverbac is.

I live in Colorado we have crazy weather. Well the other day I came home to find my Silverbac was blown off the upper level of my three level deck. I had had a 58 mph wind blow through my neighborhood. (I have an La Crosse wind gauge on my roof). All of my lawn furniture was destroyed literally shattered no saving it. No glass in the table, chairs destroyed, the tree limb of a 50 foot tree cottonwood tree split down the middle.

After having to clean up the destroyed items and moving the Silverbac back to its original location (the Grill Cover that I bought even though being ripped in multiple place which I will have to replace as well as the the front shelf unit that got bent up) I plugged in the Silverbac and she fired right back up.

I wanted to let you know that your product can take a licking and keep ticking. I love my Silverbac. Not that I haven’t already told all my friend how great your product is, I will be bragging that there is nothing better or sturdier than a GRILLA GRILL.

I love my Silverbac. Thank You so much for the best Smoker ever…. Keep up the great work your product rocks…..

Tony D.

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