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May is National BBQ Month

The unofficial start of summer just beckons we cook outdoors. 

Luckily for us and you, May is National Barbecue Month! May all grillmasters rejoice!

A Barbecue History Crash Course

The now-defunct Barbecue Council filed a proclamation in 1963 to declare May National Barbecue Month to encourage Americans to cook outdoors. The rest is history. In 2019, barbecue grill sales in America alone were valued at about $2.54 billion

National BBQ Month

Really, barbecuing is an enduring celebration of cooking at its most basic. Though our ancestors didn’t use propane gas or the efficient, easy-to-light charcoal of today, ancient humans were the real founders of the barbecue. The origins of barbecuing are unclear, as it has existed in Africa, Europe and the Americas throughout recorded history. Equally unclear is the proper way of spelling it. Should it really be National Barbecue Month? National Barbeque Month? Can we just call it BBQ? 

Ultimately, spelling doesn’t matter so much — it’s the art that counts, and the definition has been more or less the same from the beginning. 

No matter barbecuing’s origins, we’re glad we can celebrate it all month long. 

National BBQ Month Is in Good Company

If you haven’t dusted the grill off and fired it up yet this season, well, duty calls. May has spring plants ready for harvesting and grilling along with many other national celebrations, and a lot of these observances really lend themselves to barbecuing. 

For instance, May is also:

  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Egg Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Salad Month 
  • National Asparagus Month

Some national day celebrations to note in May include Cinco de Mayo, which is also National Totally Chipotle Day; National Eat What You Want Day on the 11th; National Barbecue Day on the 16th; and National Brisket Day and National Hamburger Day on the 28th. 

And of course, this all leads up to the Memorial Day, when we celebrate those who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. 

Celebrate With Old Recipes and New

We suggest trying a couple of new recipes before Memorial Day, whether they’re part of a national day or not. Try some Cajun-inspired blackened catfish tacos or pork tacos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and couple them with some chipotle-infused sides. Or, go all out with a chipotle-style whole turkey

In honor of National Hamburger Month, you may want to try a new take on the old-fashioned hamburger with a juicey loosey burger. You may even want to set aside your classic family brisket recipe and try a new way to season brisket, too. 

Of course, it’s a good time to create some fresh sides with all the good in-season spring plants, like asparagus, carrots, onions, potatoes and more. 

Celebrate National Barbecue Month and the warm weather it brings with friends at weeknight dinners and weekend lunches. Let them try your new flavors and see what they think — maybe you’ve found a new potluck dish just in time for Memorial Day.

Try Grilla Grills for a Proper Barbecue

Need a real barbecue to celebrate this month? Don’t be afraid to enter the jungle and see what we have to offer. Our grills double as barbecues so there’s no substitute for authenticity. The difference is that grills use direct heat to cook food, whereas barbecues use indirect heat and smoke to cook — a notable, subtle difference.

Our grills are designed and built by steel engineers and are weapons-grade tough. We believe in the durability of our products so much that we offer a four-year guarantee on them. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Grilla Grill today and taste the difference. 

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