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July is National Grilling Month

As if you didn’t already have enough motivation to light up the grill, let us be the first to tell you: July is National Grilling Month. Pitmasters, this is your month. 

Time to fire up the grill and get serious.

How To Celebrate: By Grilling, of Course

national grilling month

As the master of your grill domain, we know you’ve already been planning ahead for the warmer months. Now it’s time to set your sights on one of the bigger summer celebrations.

And when we think of July celebrations, we think of the fourth, Independence Day. That’s cold beer (responsibly!), a hot pit, fireworks and a whole lot of meat. It’s usually a great time for burgers, some hot dogs or brats — you know the routine. 

Since grilling is our passion, we would love to help you devise a menu, put a spin on an old recipe or excite you with something new. But before we give you some suggestions, we’d first like to pay mind to the other monthlong celebrations of July to make sure no flavor gets left behind. 

Observe July’s Other National Celebrations

All right, so Independence Day is a real holiday. We all get the day off for it, and we know it’s something special. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fun that monthlong celebrations bring.

And luckily for us, in addition to being National Grilling Month, July is a real feast of celebrations that complement grilling. July is also:

  • National Horseradish Month
  • National Blueberry Month
  • National Culinary Arts Month
  • National Baked Bean Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • National Ice Cream Month

It’s almost like they planned all of these around the fact that it’s National Grilling Month! 

Give These Recipes a Try 

So while we’re giving National Grilling Month its due, we can add culinary arts (done and done), baked beans, horseradish, hot dogs and blueberries to our menu. Just not all at once, of course. 

Hot dogs can be knocked out easily. Prepare some toppings, like some grilled onions and peppers, in a skillet so you don’t lose any through the grate. Pair them with baked beans and you’ve got yourself a classic meal, good for any time you’re grilling.  

Blueberries and horseradish can be used in many capacities of grilling. Horseradish is a staple on sausages, particularly Polish sausages and German sausages like kielbasa and bratwurst, and it’s great for adding some kick to burgers and hot dogs. You can also make a horseradish sauce that can be used to top prime rib and spice up your dips.

But what about blueberries? These tasty little berries blend into salsa and pico de gallo for some added sweetness that amps up the flavor on dishes like pork tacos or tequila lime shrimp tacos. If you really feel like testing your culinary artistry, you might even think of combining both horseradish and blueberries for a sweet, tangy sauce. This flavor combination can be used on everything from sandwiches to grilled seafood. 

Let Grilla Grills Do the Work

You know your way the grill. We respect that. But if you want your food to be even better, you might look into our wood-pellet grills. 

These grills impart a charry, wood-fired flavor to take your favorite dish to the next level. Though they may look like your standard propane grill on the outside, the inside is built with durable material and technology that allows you to set and maintain the perfect temperature. Our talented steel engineers developed these grills with dependability in mind, and we’re so confident in their build that we offer four-year warranties.

Be the star of your backyard barbecue. Pick up a Grilla Grill today.

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