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NEW 2019 Grill Lineup

Featuring industry first dual control technology & NEW tailgater Chimp

Introducing the Grilla Grills NEW 2019 lineup of wood pellet grills featuring a tailgating Chimp & new Alpha Smoke Dual Technology Controller. You asked and we delivered. These grills are equipped with the unbeatable Grilla Grills quality we pride ourselves on, with never before seen features that let you decide how you want to smoke!

Alpha Smoke Dual Controller & Alpha Grills

The Alpha grills are the same stainless steel Silverbac & Grilla wood pellet grill we know and love, with new control board technology. This Alpha Smoke controller has two modes. One mode is our flagship, original pro controller designed to provide optimal smoke flavor. By incorporating a temperature swing in the auger feed rate, the wood smolders as to mimic a real wood fire. We stand behind this technology as we believe it gives your food the best flavor!

That being said, we’re always taking customer feedback into account, and came to the conclusion that a PID controller was something that people look for in a grill. So we put our engineering team to work to bring you the first ever controller to the market that provides BOTH our original pro smoke controls and PID controls.

The precise temperature control mode (PID for proportional, integral, derivative) is a scientific way of controlling the cooking process. It monitors the ambient set and actual temperature of the grill, and makes tiny adjustments to ensure the temperature is extremely precise. With the ability to cook using one mode or the other, you’re able to grill your way to find your perfect flavor!

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Chimp Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill

This has been in the works for years now and we’re so excited to finally bring it to life. Not only are we adding new controller technology to our line of grills, but an entirely new product as well! We give you, the Chimp! The Chimp is a portable, tailgate version of the Silverbac. It stands just about 4 feet tall standing up and 2 feet folded down. It weighs 90 pounds and contains a hopper big enough for 15 pounds of pellets. Each Chimp comes standard with the Alpha Smoke controller. With 460 square inches of cooking space, you’ll be able to take this grill on the go while still cooking for the entire Jungle.

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