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Offset Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker

Honestly, it seems a bit unfair to write about an offset smoker versus a pellet smoker. After all, they really are not against each other. In fact, a pellet smoker is kind of like the newer, more exciting version of the offset smoker. Think of it as the offset smoker’s cooler, younger pitmaster, sort of the 2.0 version.

Sound confusing? You will definitely understand better when you learn what an offset smoker is.

The Origins of the Offset Grill

Your typical offset smoker or grill is a horizontal smoker with a big, ol’ half barrel construction. It cooks the meat by burning fuel, requiring nothing more than a solid fuel source, some fire and a lot of time. Another type of grill like the offset grill is the vertical grill. Rather than smoking horizontally, it smokes meat vertically. People who love low ‘n slow beef, poultry and pork naturally head for offset and vertical grills instead of other grilling options.

Although most offset and vertical grills offer lots of space to grill a variety of ingredients, they have a somewhat annoying downside: They require tons of babysitting. Why? Basically, they are finicky. The heat and smoke needs to be coddled to remain consistent. Some pitmasters adore being on-call for their offset grills. However, plenty of others wish they could get the benefits of an offset smoker without the need to pamper the heck of the unit.

And that is how the pellet smoker came into existence.

The Birth of the Pellet Smoker

A pellet smoker looks similar an offset smoker. Yet it hides an important distinction: The pellets methodically are distributed into the fire. How does this work? Essentially, an electric-run motor feeds the pellets according to the temperature desired.

As you might imagine, this routine pellet feeding enables pitmasters to remove their chains. No longer are they bound to the smoker or grill! They can spend their time chatting with picnic guests or playing a round of backyard beanbag toss or man cave darts. They can even watch the game without pausing to check on the smoker every few minutes.

Of course, the trade-off for having a techno-savvy pellet smoker is that it does need an electric source. Fortunately, most homes, condos and apartments have outdoor plugs nowadays, so finding an outlet isn’t too tough.

The Bottom Line on the Offset Smoker Versus Pellet Smoker Debate

As you can see, offset grills and pellet smoker have tons in common. The biggest difference beyond the pellet smoker being so much easier is that pellet smokers rarely create meat that lacks juice or has burnt parts. In fact, thanks to even distribution of heat and smoke, they tend to turn out food that is consistently succulent time after time.

pellet smoker vs offset smoker

Sure, pellet smokers are a little pricier, but that is a trade-off that lots of modern pitmasters gladly accept. Given the right TLC, a pellet smoker can produce award-winning entrees, side dishes and even tantalizing desserts year after year, and season after season. Find yours from Grilla Grills!

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