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Our customers are repurposing Grilla Grills shipping boxes & we’re impressed

You’re six years old. A delivery truck shows up at your door. Your dad looks very excited. Two strong men unload a giant box and carry it to your deck. They pull out a metal contraption. You see your parents reading manuals and assembling the metal contraption. When it comes together you realize it’s a grill, but bigger and shinier than the one you used to have. But you can’t take your eyes off ….the giant box that it came in.

We’ve started hearing stories from parents about how their kids have repurposed the large shipping boxes into forts fit for the Jungle! It’s always fun to hear about kids being excited to learn to cook with their parents, but we are blown away by their imagination and creativity by what they’ve done with the boxes. So far we’ve seen forts, dog houses, posters, toy bins, and even periscopes!

Here at Grilla Grills, we love getting feedback and hearing stories about how people love their grill. But our favorite stories are ones that explain how using their grill brought their family closer together.

Nothing says family night like a craft followed by a delicious dinner on the grill!

“While we got the grill up and running, the box kept the kids entertained for hours. It was a great activity to do together. My kids keep asking if we can get another grill, so they can make another fort …I said yes.” – Grilla Grills Silverbac owner

If you have creative ways that you or your family has used a Grilla Grills shipping box, give us a shout out and post them to our Facebook page at @GrillaGrills!

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