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The Importance of Pellet Grill Warranties

Make sure your grill comes with a solid warranty and service.

When you decide to spend your hard-earned money on something for yourself, like a new pellet grill, it’s important that you are given peace of mind in case something happens to your grill after you purchase it. This is where warranties come into the picture. We’ll walk you through the importance of your pellet grill’s warranty and different aspects you should consider in a company’s customer service for their warranties.

We pride ourselves on delivering top notch customer service to every one of our customers. The same can’t be said for many of our competitors, who lack the engineering chops to help you solve your issues and make consistent improvements to their products. While some of our competitors are simply content to copy the designs of other pellet grills, at Grilla Grills we’ve got engineering in our DNA so our interactions with customers are what fuel new product innovations and improvements.

So, What’s a Warranty?

A warranty is an assurance by a company to whoever purchases a product from them that the product will truly perform as stated. If this isn’t the case and something goes wrong, it is then in the hands of the company to correct the issue. In terms of your new pellet grill, a warranty is a cushion of protection to cover any parts that malfunction or stop working so that you don’t have additional out of pocket costs to pay for repairs. So, in addition to selecting the best pellet smoker, this is also a crucial element to examine when you’re buying a pellet grill so you’re not left with a very large, expensive ornament for your back yard that no longer cooks.

What’s Really Covered?

Knowing what your pellet grill warranty covers is important to consider before buying. There are many differences in warranties on grills out there including the parts that are covered in case of a defect and the length of the warranty itself. Most standard warranties will cover any material parts of the grill but won’t include normal wear and tear. The paint and grill covers are usually not protected under warranty either, as most companies suggest routine cleaning after every use to prevent corrosion. The other main aspect of a warranty is the length of time it lasts. This can range depending on the company you choose to do business with. For example, Camp Chef has a 3 year warranty from purchase date while Grilla Grills has a 4 year limited warranty from purchase date. Cleary, it’s better to buy a pellet grill that has a longer warranty just in case something goes wrong.

How to Test a Company’s Customer Service?

Friendly, efficient customer service is really necessary in order for someone to make a purchase. After all, if you end up having to use your warranty, you will have to communicate with the customer service representative there. So, to put you one step ahead of the game, how can you definitely know if a company’s customer service is good or not? A few aspects you should consider are:

  • How long does it take to reach a representative when calling a company?
  • Are the customer service representative(s) you speak with friendly and attentive?
  • How fast are you able to get a response when you contact a company on a weekend, after hours, or on a holiday? Do you get a response at all?

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys spending 20 minutes on the phone listening to bad music while waiting for an actual human being to speak with you. You want a quick, reliable response when calling into a company. The next bullet point is pretty obvious, but the customer service representatives that you speak with should all be friendly and working towards helping you. The next aspect is where the great companies stand out from their competitors. For example, most people get the most use out of their grill on the weekend, but if something goes wrong do you have to wait until Monday for an answer? Unfortunately, that’s the case with many of our competitors. If you contact Grilla Grills on a weekend you’ll generally hear back from us in under 12 hours. Depending on your issue, you may even receive a call back from our Sales/Engineering Manager, Mark Graham.

Grilla Grills offers a 4-year limited warranty on all factory defects and many other issues as well for most models. The Chimp is covered under a 2-year limited warranty.

So when it comes to a pellet grill warranty and customer service, make sure your you do your homework before spending your money. If you have any questions about Grilla Grills’ warranties or our customer service just get in touch!

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