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Product Spotlight: All You Need to Know About the Silverbac AT

The Grilla Grills Silverbac AT is the latest and beastliest WiFi pellet grill from Grilla, and it’s ready to take over your backyard — or anywhere else. At Grilla Grills, we specialize in building for the picky pitmaster. You want a first-rate pellet smoker grill, with a huge cooking surface and a weather-resistant double-walled construction? And you want it mounted on a steel cart that’s designed to handle the toughest off-road terrain? Plus cutting-edge smart grill features? For a lot of grill manufacturers, that would be a tall order. For Grilla Grills, though, it’s just how things are in our part of the jungle. 

a grilla grills silverbac at

What Is the Grilla Grills Silverbac AT?

The Silverbac AT is the sportier cousin to our best-selling Silverbac pellet grill and smoker. We created the original Silverbac as a versatile and user-friendly take on the classic barrel-style pellet smoker. It quickly became one of our best-selling models with pitmasters everywhere, who put it to work crafting their favorite pellet grill recipes.

Because we’re always looking for the next innovation, we asked ourselves: What could make the Silverbac even better? The answer turned out to be obvious: Make it portable! So, that’s exactly what we did, by replacing the Silverbac’s base with a heavy-duty steel cart with rugged rubber tires. We also know that a portable grill needs to be built for all kinds of conditions, so we fortified the Silverbac’s already tank-like construction even further. The result is the Silverbac AT: a new breed of sport-style pellet grill with the full range of premium features. 

a grilla grills silverbac at in front of a building

What Sets the Grilla Grills Silverbac AT Apart?

Time to get right down to the savory details: What makes the Silverbac AT special? Let’s look at some of its most important features: 

  • Weather Protection: Every seam in the Silverbac AT features triple-redundant weather sealing (welding, powder coating and caulking) and is made with the rust-resistant power of stainless steel. Plus, our signature double-walled construction prevents heat loss and helps keep internal temps consistent no matter what kind of weather you’re cooking in!
  • Off-Road Ready: The Silverbac AT’s stainless steel cart handles any kind of terrain with ease. From the patio to the parking lot to adverse terrain like sand or snow, the AT is a genuine off-road grill worthy of the name.
  • Precision Temperature Control: Set your perfect temp into our digital temperature controller, and our precision-controlled fuel system keeps it right where you want it! On top of that, the Silverbac AT includes our exclusive Temp Tamper technology to help prevent temperature swings when opening the smoker during a cook.
  • Alpha Connect WiFi Technology: Every new Silverbac AT pellet grill includes a built-in Alpha Connect smart grill controller. This revolutionary grilling tech allows you to connect your phone via WiFi, and then monitor and control your grill from anywhere. The Silverbac AT even includes a smart meat probe for an instant readout on your meat’s temperature! 
  • Dual Smoking Modes: The AT’s controller offers both the classic Pro Smoke mode, for maximum smoke and flavor, and a new PID mode that’s perfect when you need to pinpoint temperature control. Best of all, the Alpha Connect app lets you instantly switch back and forth between the two modes. 

Who Will Love the Silverbac AT Most?

Anybody who loves a well-built grill and smoker can appreciate the Silverbac AT. Some people, however, will find that it’s exactly the right grill for them! If any of the following apply to you, there’s a good chance that the Silverbac AT could be just right:

  • Competition and Tailgate Pitmasters: Anyone who regularly cooks at BBQ competitions and tailgates needs a grill that’s tough enough to travel and designed with transport in mind. If you’re seeking the performance of a full-sized smoker in a portable package, the Silverbac AT is for you.
  • Tech Lovers: The Silverbac AT is perfect for anybody who loves to smoke and grill with the latest tech. If the thought of controlling your grill from your phone makes you salivate like a good plate of BBQ, the Silverbac AT could be exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Serious Smokers: Do you often block off whole Saturdays on your calendar with the word “BRISKET”? The Silverbac AT is engineered to give you the professional-quality control and heat retention that the best pitmasters need to work their magic.
  • Backyard Entertainers: Love to cook for a crowd of friends and family? You’ll find the high-capacity grilling solution you need with the Silverbac AT, which boasts enough cooking space to smoke eight whole chickens at once. Plus, Alpha Connect helps keep you free for mingling and hosting without being tied to the grill! 

a grilla grills silverbac at in a field

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