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“What Are the Pros/Cons of the Kong?”

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. Why We Love the Kong Kamado and So Should You.

While you may already love your Grilla, or have a soft spot for the Silverbac, you shouldn’t look past the Kong. While it might not roast wood pellets like you’re used to, this charcoal baby knows how to deliver quality flavor and taste to anything you throw on it. Learn a little more about kamado grills and you might start singing a more charcoal-filled song.

The History of the Kamado

If you read our #TriviaTuesday tweets, you’ll know the kamado originated in China some 3,000 years ago. The ceramic stoves were brought over to Japan, and right after WWII, America got a taste of the smokers. And thank goodness we did because ever since their landing on American soil, grilling has never been the same.

Okay, but What Are the Pros?

The beauty of the kamado is that it works more like an oven than a grill. The inside gets hot, and when I say hot I mean like fire hot. Those things can crank up the heat and smoke the heck out of whatever’s in there. This is important for things like skirt steak, ribs, or thicker meats. Not exactly ideal if you’re just trying to grill a hot dog, but don’t doubt its ability there, either. Put a hot dog on the Kong but expect it to hang out for a few hours versus a quick char.

The kamado grill provides delicious tasting food: more savory and smokey than gas grilling. To get that taste, the quality of the charcoal is a big deal. You want coal that’s going to be remain in tack, not a bag full of little pieces or ash transferring to food.

If you’re a gas guy, that’s fine. But it might be time to dip your toes into the world of charcoal. It can really take your meals up a notch, and the usability between gas and charcoal doesn’t range by much. Big benefit.

Try the Kong Kamado

Lighting a Kamado

To be completely honest with you, as I always hope to be, the kamado is a tough one to light. It’s definitely a downfall of the grill. If you start it with lighter fluid, it could get into the grill’s interior. If you light it too fast, you run the risk of making the grill too hot and limit your temperature range. This isn’t ideal when cooking with lower temps.

Just take your time lighting it, allowing the coals to gradually get hot. Light only five or six to begin, then let the heat transfer and stabilize. This will give you greater control to how hot the cooker will get.

Is a Kamado a Worthy Grill Purchase?

I’m a firm believer in kamado grills because they deliver a different dimension than wood pellet smokers. They aren’t hard to use and they won’t change your grilling style if you’re already using gas. Out of all the brands I’ve BBQ’d on, Grilla Grills is my favorite, and I’m not just saying that because it’s their website. The Kong is a quality product that doesn’t put durability into question. Heck, I’m pretty confident my Kong is gonna outlast me! Not to mention the shelves on either side and temps that’ll head upwards of 700 degrees. If you’ve ever doubted the Kong, or a kamado in general, I’ll be the one to tell you you’re wrong. Kamados are great.

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