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Seasonal Fall Foods for the Grill

The leaves are changing. School buses are everywhere. And the weather is decidedly chillier at night. Welcome to autumn, one of the most beautiful transitional seasons of the year!

Sure, winter is on its way. But that does not mean you have to cover your Grilla Grill until spring. Quite the contrary. Fall is the perfect time for some BBQ and autumn grilling recipes. In fact, why not use our fall barbecue ideas to get more mileage from your favorite smoker grill?

1. Grill up the Fall Harvest

Certain foods are plentiful in the fall, especially root vegetables such as squash, zucchini and potatoes. Look for fall grilling recipes that feature these types of ingredients because they will probably be available at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. You might even have some in your own backyard garden. Make use of these tasty treats in recipes such as Bacon Sweet Potato Pie or Smoked Mini Potatoes.

2. Use Those Apples

In the fall, apples seem to be everywhere. Instead of just buying a three-pound bag for lunchboxes and calling it a day, investigate recipes that allow you to grill apples. You might never have realized how the heat can sear and caramelize sliced apples, or add a new dimension of smoky, rich flavor to a hearty variety like Granny Smith or Fujis.

Looking for fall grilling ideas for apples and other autumn tree-ripened produce? Check out Grilled Apple Crisp and Apple Pecan Cake.

3. Host a Neighborhood Fall BBQ Cookoff

You say you want a bit of healthy and friendly BBQ competition this fall? Why wait until an autumn festival comes to town? Host a fall BBQ cookoff in your cul-de-sac or neighborhood. Invite other pitmasters to share their favorites. You can give away fun prizes and have guests vote on their favorite meats, desserts and side dishes. Make it a wholesome, exciting event that everyone will fondly remember and talk about well into the holidays!

4. Try Some Different Veggies on the Grill

You tend to cook the same things on your grill over and over, right? We all do.

Make this fall the time to test out some ingredients that you normally walk by on your way down the produce aisle — maybe try grilling some fennel, leeks or pumpkin. Even if you take just one month, like September or October, to try a new food every few days, you will up your grilling game. In fact, you may just discover a new favorite treat for your household to enjoy.

A Final Note on Fall BBQing

As you dive headfirst into autumn BBQs and grilling, keep in mind that you may need to adjust your cooking times. If the outside temperatures dip suddenly while you are slow cooking, you may need to adjust the heat in your grill accordingly. The colder it is outside, the more work it will take to get your grill to a suitable temperature, not to mention keep it there. Just remember that the next time you budget for a certain number of hours to cook your meat for your upcoming tailgate or next Sunday football party.

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