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“Smoking the Best Prime Rib?”

The Pit Master Refers You to His Favorite Recipe.

As you left no room for error by requesting the ‘best prime rib” on a Grilla Grills smoker, you leave me no choice but to break out the big guns:  Meathead Goldwyn has a great write up on prime rib that I used to start mastering this expensive hunk of meat.

Through my years working with prime rib, there are a few things I have personally adapted. I like a little more char on the exterior of my prime rib, so I like to employ two cookers. The first will go for low and slow, and once my prime rib hits about 130 degrees in the very center, I get the second smoker up to about 450-500 degrees for a really good sear to set that crust.

See the Grill Possibilities

Grill Preference

If I am not using the two grill method above, I throw my prime rib on the Kong kamado grill. I just love the harsh contrast of charcoal smoke with the meat.

If you are using a Grilla or Silverbac I wholeheartedly recommend using a very strong flavor of pellets, like mesquite or hickory. I also recommend NOT burning cheap pellets here. You just paid upwards of $100 for a large chunk of meat, so get some high quality pellets such as BBQrs Delights. Your taste buds will tank me later.  

Grab Some Grill Fuel


Now for the seasoning and crust on the outside.  I am a sucker for rosemary and thyme. Typically I’ll coat the prime rib with Tones Rosemary Garlic seasoning. You can find it in pretty much any grocery. It has a great blend of rosemary, garlic, and other spices to crust up your prime rib really well.  

The second seasoning, that I have just discovered, is a product called Twisted Q Insane Steak. I’ve seen it at some big box stores, but it can be a little harder to find.  It is just a touch punchier than the Tones product, but I think either works fantastic on this cut of meat. 

Last recommendation: don’t cheap out and buy premade horseradish sauce. Make your own! The difference is vast and you certainly won’t regret it. Here’s a recipe I use, but I like to double up the horseradish and add one tbs. of lemon juice to mine.

Add Some BBQ Flavor

Hope this helps!

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