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How to Teach Your Children to Grill

Learning to cook is a rewarding life skill that every child can use. Plus, it creates a parent-youngster bond that can be strengthened with each meal.

To be sure, teaching a child to grill takes some special techniques due to the implicit safety considerations of working with flames, fire and fuel. However, it can be done in a way that ensures wonderful results and happy memories.

Below are some of our favorite hints to teach a child to BBQ.

1. Start With Prep Work

Very young children should not be allowed to use any kind of grill for obvious reasons. Even if they seem to be quite responsible, they simply do not have the experience to make good judgments. Still, they can absolutely help out with the behind-the-scenes prep work.

For instance, a child can bring platters of meat and veggies to the pitmaster. They can also help skewer chunks of ingredients to create kebabs. As they get older and can successfully use a knife, they may be allowed to cut ingredients under a parent’s or older sibling’s watchful eye.

How to Teach Your Children to Grill

2. Make Safe Cooking a Priority

Aside from knives and flames, kids who discover grilling should be reminded of food safety precautions. They may not realize that raw meat should never be handled with any other ingredient for fear of cross-contamination and bacteria growth. Similarly, they might not think about washing their hands frequently during the grilling process.

The more parents model safe grilling behavior, the more apt children are to follow suit. Then, when they get old enough to purchase their own Grilla Grill for their family, they can teach their kids what they learned.

3. Let Kids Hunt for New Recipes

Children tend to keep their noses in their devices, so make their tech prowess work for you as a curious pitmaster. Ask your kids to uncover some recipes you can try on your pellet grill or charcoal grill. Then, make plans to try the new dishes.

Be aware that not all recipes will turn out delicious. That is a-okay. The goal is not to create award-winning meals every time. It’s to have fun discovering ingredients you have never paired before.

4. Allow Teens to Test-Drive the Grill With Supervision

Older kids and teens who have gotten the hang of preparing food and perhaps even cooking in the kitchen may be ready for their grilling “learner’s permit” equivalent. Let them a test drive your grill, but only under serious supervision.

Your objective is to give them a little freedom within parameters, so start slowly. A good way to introduce them to the grill is to allow them to help you start the stove or regulate the heat. They may also be able to flip burgers or remove finished meat from the grill. Do not give them free rein to make a whole meal just yet, though. They’ll still need some more practice before they can “fly solo” at the grill.

Have a great time working with your child at the grill. Not only will your kids develop a passion for cooking, but you will no doubt share some significant conversations while making lasting memories. Just be patient. The last thing you want to do is rush the process. Helping a child learn to grill is like cooking a brisket low ‘n slow — on a Grilla, of course! Find your perfect Grilla, and let the grilling adventures begin.

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