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The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Gift Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Gift Ideas

You can’t put the taste of smoked meat, or the smell and sound of a gently crackling wood fire, into a box. Seriously, bad idea, apparently boxes are flammable.! But where does that leave you when it comes to finding a gift for the person who would use any excuse to get the grill going?

If you’re shopping for a gift to give to a BBQ enthusiast, we’ve got some great suggestions for the tools and gear that will get their flames stoked. These BBQ gifts will inspire any backyard chef or competition meat smoker, and your gift recipient just might let you try the delicious BBQ recipes that they cook up with their new gear! 

Sauce and Rub BBQ Caddy Set

1. Sauce and Rub BBQ Caddy Set

The Grilla Grills Sauce and Rub BBQ Caddy Set is a sweet and savory slam-dunk for a gift recipient who loves experimenting with different flavors. In this six-pack of deliciousness, you’ll find:

  • Thick & Bold BBQ Sauce: A versatile classic BBQ sauce
  • Gold ‘n’ Bold Mustard BBQ Sauce: A new evolution of the mustard-based sauce
  • Kongo Kick Hot BBQ Sauce: Our traditional sauce recipe, plus just the right heat
  • All Purpose Rub: An all-around dry rub blend that’s good on everything
  • Beef Rub: A rich and savory rub ideal for burgers, steaks and brisket
  • What Da Cluck Rub: The perfect poultry rub for both light and dark meat

To keep all that flavor right where it’s needed, this gift set also throws in a Grilla Grills sauce and rub grill caddy. This rugged plastic caddy is designed to survive BBQ competitions, tailgates and any other environment where you might need to BYOSAM (bring your own sauces and marinades). 

Grill Gloves

2. Grill Gloves

A great pair of grill gloves helps the pitmaster move meats and grill grates as they need to without fear of burning their hands. You don’t want to give anything less than the best when it comes to protective gear, which is why we recommend our Grilla grill gloves. We created them to be the grill gloves we always wanted, and we nailed it!!

Grilla grill gloves are designed with equal attention to toughness and comfort. Their 50-50 cotton and polyester interior blend is perfect for long grilling days, so they’re just as good at a BBQ competition as a backyard cookout. And don’t worry about fit and feel. We created them to be truly one-size-fits-all, and they have significantly better dexterity than other grill gloves. 

BBQ Tool Set

3. BBQ Tool Set

Every pitmaster should go into a grill session prepared with the essential BBQ tools like spatula, tongs and carving fork. Our BBQ tool set has the crucial gear that grillers of all skill levels need. Crafted with professional quality in-mind, these tools are made with genuine wood and heavy duty stainless steel.

Each Grilla BBQ tool set includes:

  • Slotted spatula
  • Slotted tongs
  • Dual-prong BBQ fork
  • Marinade brush
  • Rugged canvas carrying case

Not only are these tools durable, but they’re super-portable, too, thanks to their carrying case. These are an awesome choice for anyone who likes to tailgate or cook in competitions

Gear Up with the Ultimate BBQ Tool Set

Grill Thermometer

4. Grill Thermometer

Even serious grill heads have trouble guessing when the temperature of a meat is exactly perfect. That’s why a digital grill thermometer is a clutch gift for anybody who loves BBQ. Our grill thermometers blow cheap thermometers out of the water, thanks to their durable construction, large digital displays and auto-rotating screens! 

A meat thermometer is especially a must-have for more challenging cuts like brisket, so it’s an ideal gift for someone moving into the world of serious BBQ. It also opens up a cool new world of cooking possibilities since it’s a must-have for techniques like carryover cooking.

Meat Shredding Claws

5. Meat Shredding Claws

Here’s a gift that’s just as entertaining as it is practical. Classic BBQ recipes like pulled pork require an efficient way to shred meat and get it to the perfect consistency and, honestly, forks just don’t cut it for a lot of pitmasters. That’s why these meat shredding claws exist — and, yes, because they’re super fun to use, too. Ripping into a pork butt like the Tasmanian Devil hopped up on Mountain Dew is a joy you won’t experience without these claws!

Grilla Grills meat shredding claws are dishwasher safe and constructed from rugged stainless steel. These things are built so well that we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few pairs get passed down to the next generation of pitmasters, who will use them to do the same Wolverine poses in the mirror when they think no one’s looking. 

Chimp Portable Pellet Grill

6. Chimp Portable Pellet Grill with Alpha Connect

The Chimp pellet grill will be love at first sight for any pitmaster who wants a true BBQ lover’s grill. It’s got all the set-and-forget convenience and clean, even heat that make pellet grills so popular. But it’s in a small-but-mighty package that shrinks all of the must-have features into an incredibly compact, double-walled body that’s ideal for tailgates and competitions.

The Chimp even comes with the advanced Alpha Connect smart grill tech that makes it a fully functional WiFi pellet smoker. With the Alpha Connect app, a BBQ chef can precisely control cooking temperatures from anywhere. And if you really want to spoil them, throw in the Pimp My Chimp kit or any of the other awesome optional Chimp accessories. 

Grill Pellets

7. Grill Pellets

Pellet grills, like the Grilla Silverbac and Grilla Chimp, use wood pellets as fuel. Grilla pellets are an excellent choice for any pellet grill owner because they’re made from all-natural smoking woods with no binders or additives. Each bag has 20 lbs. of pellets for approximately 20 hours of cooking time, so they’re a great way to help a pitmaster stock up on essentials. 

If you’re not sure which smoking woods your giftee prefers, Grilla Grills Competition Blend pellets are a great all-around choice. It’s our signature wood pellet blend designed for balanced flavor on any kind of meat, seafood or veggies. We also carry pellets made from woods like hickory, apple and mesquite so that every pitmaster can get their particular smoke flavor of choice. 

Jalapeno Popper Tray

8. Jalapeno Popper Tray

There’s a reason that jalapeno poppers are a must-have food for a lot of people’s tailgates and cookouts — they’re insanely delicious! But anyone who’s tried to cook jalapenos on a grill knows that they can also be surprisingly tricky. That’s why we created this jalapeno popper tray that gives pitmasters a simple way to hold jalapeno poppers in place while they’re on the grill. 

Our durable stainless steel tray is designed with space for 25 poppers and makes the entire process a breeze. Just use the included coring tool to scoop out the peppers, add fillings and set it on a pellet or ceramic grill! In fact, we’ve seen these used for everything from egg rolls to hot dog buns, so inventive pitmasters might even find cool new uses for the gift. 

Grilla Silverbac Jerky Rack

9. Grilla Silverbac Jerky Rack

Buying a gift for someone who’s already got (or about to get) a Grilla Silverbac or Silverbac AT? The Silverbac jerky rack is one of our top upgrades, perfect for jerky lovers or anyone who loves to go big when they grill. This rugged rack offers a lot more variety than just making jerky.. It gives the Silverbac a massive 840 extra inches of grilling space so you can make multiple racks of ribs, hundreds of wings or massive amounts of anything else you want!

That said, it is really good for making jerky, too! Any cured meat aficionado will love the ability to smoke more than 10lbs. of jerky at once, especially combined with the smart temperature control that the Silverbac’s Alpha Connect app offers. Of course, it’s also built to the Grilla standard, with stainless steel construction.

Seasoning Injector

10. Seasoning Injector

Know a mad grill scientist who loves injecting their meats with seasonings and marinades? This Grilla seasoning injector is the perfect tool for all kinds of cool culinary creations, like our apple cider vinegar pork tenderloin recipe. It has an unmatched ability to infuse every bite with a rush of flavor, and it also helps tenderize tougher cuts.

What’s more, this seasoning injector is built for versatility, with the ability to change needles to inject thicker marinades and sauces. And, like all Grilla Grills tools, it’s designed with stainless steel that will stand up to use and abuse in all kinds of tailgates, BBQ competitions and cookouts. 

Grilla Grills Gift Card

11. Grilla Grills Gift Card

Grilling has always been about doing it your own way, and a Grilla Grills gift card is a perfect match for the independent spirit who likes to go wherever the smoke leads. Plus, of course, it takes any pressure off the gift giver to decide! 

Our gift cards are available in amounts from $25 to $500 — or the price of any Grilla grill model. It’s the ideal way to save yourself some shipping costs and make sure your giftee gets exactly what they want at the same time. 

Kong Ceramic Kamado Grill

12. Kong Kamado Grill

Kamado grills have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but the Grilla Kong is the king of them all. The Kong’s design honors the 3,000-year-old tradition of the ceramic charcoal grill while bringing it into a new era of versatility and flavor. With over 600 inches of grilling space and the ability to keep temperatures steady for hours at a time, we think it’s safe to call it the 4000-ton gorilla of kamado grills. 

The Kong is ideal for any pitmaster who frequently cooks for a lot of people, or anybody who appreciates a grill that can cook damn near anything. Grilla also offers a huge range of accessories for the Kong, including pizza stones, diffusers, all-terrain carts and more! To give your gift recipient everything they need to get started, throw in some lump charcoal, too. 

Simplify Your Smoking with a Kamado Grill

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

13. Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

There’s nothing like fresh salt and pepper to take a BBQ recipe to the next level. Unfortunately, your average salt and pepper grinders just aren’t designed with pitmasters in mind. They’re almost impossible to operate with one hand, which is a big problem for a lot of everyday grilling situations, never mind a BBQ competition.

Grilla’s salt and pepper grinders are here to fix the issues we deal with on a daily basis. These grinders work with just the push of a button, which makes them ideal for one-handed use. Plus, they’re constructed from heavy duty materials like solid glass and stainless steel, which means they’ll be around to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Grilla Pizza Stone

14. Grilla Pizza Stone

Pizza might not be considered a traditional “grill food,” but that’s only because not enough people know the power of a pizza stone yet! For one thing, our pizza stone couldn’t be easier to use. Just place your pizza stone on the Grilla grill, get it to the recommended temperature and then add the pizza. 

What’s more, a pizza stone can actually cook lots of different foods with a crispy outer crust. That means bread, biscuits, quesadillas and a whole lot of other foods. The amazing versatility of pizza stones is another thing that makes them such great gifts, so consider this the perfect gift for somebody who’s always looking to expand their horizons.  

Grilla Logo with fire

We’ve covered some of our favorite BBQ gift ideas here, but we’ve also only scratched the surface of all the awesome grill gear that Grilla has available! If you’re looking for more grilling gift ideas, check out our Grilla Grills accessory shop for t-shirts, grill accessories and all kinds of other cool gifts.

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