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Grilling accessories can move you from a grilling aficionado to a full-fledged pitmaster. Using the right tools will enhance the quality of the food you make and ensure every bite of your next meal has your guests lining up for seconds. Plus, who doesn’t love a good gadget? Buy these grilling extras to lift your grilling to next-level heights.

Fun Extras for Grilling

How many times have you wanted to move the grate after you preheated the grill? You don’t want to burn your hands, of course, and trying to lift the grill with an oven mitt is just awkward. That’s where our Grate Gripper comes in handy. Use it to firmly grasp any type of grate for easy removal. You can use it when the grate is cool, too, to avoid the greasy touch.

You love your grill, but you need just a little more space to accommodate all the food you plan to prep for your next barbeque. Instead of calling the neighbors to borrow their grill, add a Rack Extension-Grilla to expand your Grilla’s space from 488 square inches to 630. Just imagine how many hot dogs you can squeeze in!

Great rubs and sauces take your grilled food from fine to fantastic. You can carry all these in our Sauce & Rub Caddy for easy transport from kitchen to grill.

Grilla Grills Sauces and Rubs

Add Some BBQ Flavor

Add-Ons for Everyday Grilling

You already use your grill to make meat and veggies. What if we told you you could also make pizza on it? An amazing wood-fired pie is just minutes away when you use our Pizza Stone for Grill.

Adding a Silverbac Front Shelf to your grill will allow you to do your prep work outside instead of at your kitchen table. The shelf folds out for easy access when you need it to hold plates of food or even a cold beverage to keep you cool while you grill.

Do you use a grease can to collect the runoff from your grilling efforts? Replace it with a much bigger Grease Bucket that lets you go for longer periods between emptying it.

If you hate a dirty grill, then the Silverbac Accessory Pack is for you. It contains four stainless steel components:

  • A front-edge grease catch
  • A lid deflector
  • Two rack jacks

Want to move your Grilla around your patio or even take it on the road? If so, you need our Pro Cart, which allows for easy portability. Place the Grilla on this sturdy little cart and wheel it anywhere you want to go. It’s easy to maneuver too.

Grab Your Silverbac Gear

Finally, when you wield your grilling gadgets like the pro that you are, show off your skill with a Grilla Grills Hat, which you’ll find that we sell as part of our Walk-In Special when you come pick up your pellet grill from our location in Holland, Michigan. Our hats look sharp and offer protection from the sun on those hot days when you just have to get outside to grill instead of sweating in the kitchen.

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