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What to Cook First on a BBQ

Ask any artist: Sometimes, a blank canvas can be intimidating. If you’re just beginning your journey into the delicious arts of grilling and smoking, you might be wondering what to cook first on a BBQ grill or smoker you just brought home. That can be especially true if you’re learning to use a newer style of grill such as a WiFi pellet grill. 

These seven beginner-friendly selections from our library of pellet grill recipes will help you get to know your grill. What’s more, they’ll give you a chance to develop your skills and style as a pitmaster. Most importantly, each one is totally delicious and will have all of your dinner guests convinced you’ve been smoking  for decades.

closeup burger with melted cheese

Seven Great Recipes to Cook on Your New BBQ Grill

1. No Flip Burgers

Our low and slow burger recipe makes the age-old debate of when to flip your burgers on the grill a thing of the past — because you won’t need to flip them at all! There’s no grill-tending required here, aside from adding cheese if you want it. Just place your patties on the grill and, in less than an hour, you’ll have mouth-watering burgers infused with the heavenly flavors that can only come from genuine wood smoke. (For the secrets of making thick and succulent burger patties, check out our guide to perfect burger patties from scratch!)

2. Beer Can Chicken

This recipe is great for small gatherings, and it’s so incredibly simple that your dog could probably do it (though we don’t recommend letting them try, because you’ll end up with no chicken). Take a whole chicken, apply some oil and seasonings and stick a half-full can of beer inside it. Put it on the smoker for an hour, and voila — juicy, flavorful, fork-tender chicken. It really is that easy when you’ve got the power of a Grilla Grill on your side! 

3. Apple Cider Injected Pork Tenderloin

It’s time to put the “tender” back in tenderloin with this simple but effective pork recipe. The secret to this toothsome tenderloin? An apple cider brine injected via a meat injector, which not only tenderizes the pork but lets you pretend you’re a mad scientist while you’re doing it. With a little assist from Grilla Grills All Purpose Spice Rub, you’ll transform the naturally mild taste of this meat into a flavor frenzy that’s perfect for experimenting with your favorite grill sauces.

4. Grilled Salmon with Honey Sriracha Lime Glaze

Salmon is deliciously easy to make on a pellet grill and cooks lightning fast, so this sweet and tangy recipe is a perfect first step for building up your seafood skills. The honey sriracha glaze is quick to whip up and super versatile, so don’t be afraid to try it out on other firm fish like tuna or swordfish. Worried about grilling a more delicate food like salmon? Our mesh grill mats make it so easy that you’ll wonder why it ever scared you!

aerial view cooked wings

5. K.I.S.S. Wings

You might never order out for wings again after you find out just how easy it is to do them on your WiFi pellet grill! This incredibly easy recipe will give you flavorful, tender wings with just the right crispy texture on the skin. Sauce ‘em up with our Thick & Bold BBQ Sauce or turn up the heat with our Kongo Kick Sauce. If you’ve got a portable grill like the Grilla Grills Silverbac AT or Grilla Grills Chimp, this recipe is also a sure-fire winner for game day tailgates. 

6. Smoked Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cups

This crazy-easy recipe is one of many delicious ways to cook breakfast on the grill. Using a muffin tray and some crescent rolls, you’ll whip up some bacon egg and cheese combo cups that are highly portable, can be prepped ahead of time and are packed with savory, satisfying flavors. They’re great for breakfast on the go, car trip snacks or an instant brunch!

7. Simple Pulled Pork

Smoking and pulling a pork butt is an age-old rite of passage for any BBQ smoker owner, but don’t let that intimidate you — it’s actually pretty easy to do! Our recipe shows you the simplest method for making incredibly tender and delicious pork from a Boston butt. Not only is it guaranteed to impress your cookout guests, but it’ll also give you tons of meat that you can use in pork sandwiches, nachos, tacos and so many other delicious things. Oh, and grab a set of stainless steel meat claws to make sure you get that perfect shredded texture! 

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