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When to Apply Sauces When Grilling

You probably know how incredibly varied the world of barbeque sauces can be. Maybe you already have a favorite homemade sauce you use as your go-to flavor. Perhaps you enjoy experimenting with Grilla Grill sauces and BBQ rubs. Whatever your pitmaster jam, you need to know when to put BBQ sauce on meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, you could end up with a sticky, burnt mess on your smoker grill and plate.

What Makes Grilling With BBQ Sauce Confusing?

You bought the perfect piece of meat to grill tonight on your Silverbac. One problem remains — when do you apply the BBQ sauce? After all, you want the sauce to do more than just lay on top of the meat. Ideally, some of the BBQ flavor should infiltrate your ingredients, so the sauce and meat become one.

Such a lofty goal is what makes you a master of the pit. However, you may wind up feeling less than happy with your results if you slather the meat too early. On the other hand, if you douse a grilled steak with BBQ sauce after removing it from your smoker, you may feel like the sauce has little opportunity to make the meat burst with enhanced flavor.

Confusing? Absolutely. However, you can use a few handy tips on how to use sauces when grilling to not only cook with BBQ sauce the right way but get the most out of the experience.

Tip #1: Use a Complementary Rub Before Grilling

Convinced you should wait before basting your meat or poultry with BBQ sauce? Bring out undertones by applying a rub or even marinating the ingredient before grilling. This allows you to avoid adding extra thick liquid to the top of the meat. Then, when your meat nears the end of its grilling, simply apply some sauce as a finishing touch. As long as the rub or marinade get along, you should be golden.

Add Some BBQ Flavor

Tip #2: Wait Until the Final Five

You may feel like basting a thick, sweet sauce on a chicken breast for 20 minutes will make it taste better — but you would be wrong. Focus on searing the meat and then cooking it until it reaches a safe inside temperature at the thickest part. Sauces are best applied near the end of cooking to prevent burning. Only baste it with sauce during the final five minutes of cooking. The taste will blow you away without any burned mess on your grill.

Tip #3: Thin Out the Sauce

Thinking of adding a few layers of sugary BBQ sauce on your ribs during the last few minutes of cooking? Thin it out a bit with some water, so you limit the thickness of each layer. Sugars caramelize fast when on the grill, and they can get unappealingly gummy. Watering your sauce just a bit can help you avoid some of the scorching that can accompany grilling. Besides, you can add a final thick layer of sauce after the meat is done cooking.

Tip #4: Get Some Sizzle With a Propane Torch

Some grilling superstars swear by their propane torches. Available in plenty of kitchen and cooking stores, propane torches allow you to manually scorch a piece of meat after you fully cook it. Simply baste on the sauce, use your propane torch and get the BBQ sauce to cling to the meat.

Tip #5: Try Low and Slow

No time to babysit your meat or worry about burning sauces? A low and slow-cooked meat can handle BBQ sauce application early in the process. Your sauce is unlikely to burn if you smoke the meat at lower temperatures, although you should still check it regularly. Worry about cooking the meat most of the way through first, then start adding some sauce.


Start Cooking With BBQ Sauce

Are you worried about sauces? Breathe — you can do this. You may have to experiment to find the perfect time to sauce-up each piece of meat, seafood or other ingredients. Just have fun with the process, and you will discover using sauces when grilling is more exciting than exasperating.

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