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“Where Are Grilla Grills Made?”

You’re Asking, so We’re Answering.

The short, blunt and honest answer is China.

But before you go, please watch this video where Mark Graham talks a little more in-depth about our belief that we changed our grills for the better.

Our History

We’re still an American-owned, family-run business that’s been alive and kicking for over 40 years. In our past as a metal processing company, here in Holland, Michigan, we worked in the automotive and construction industries. Naturally, we’ve always stuck to using the toughest and finest materials in everything we make. Back then, we kept to pressing, cutting, welding and stamping steel, but we started looking for innovative ways to branch out and diversify — the Grilla Grills lineup is the result of many, many sitdowns at the drawing board.

We made our first pellet grills in the USA for three years. The dealers and distributors were excited, thinking they would sell American-made products and people would gravitate to the Grilla. But once customers heard the price, they would turn to the import grills instead and leave with one of those. The sellers still thought we had fantastic grills, but we needed to do something about how expensive they were.

We had to make a business decision after those three years: kill off the grills, or find a way to make the manufacturing costs work. A team went overseas to evaluate who could help us, and we buddied up with a grill manufacturer. No doubt it sucked, but it had to be done.

How We Turned It Into a Win-Win

With the money we saved making our grills overseas, and by selling them directly to you without the dealers, we can include so much more quality with our products. We beefed up the construction and made it dual-wall for a better thermal jacket. We made parts of the grill stronger for more longevity and durability. Throughout our line of Grilla Grills, there’s more stainless steel now compared to our earlier versions.

Today, the accessories and extra hardware for our pellet grills are made in the USA, right here in Holland, MI. We’re always designing more products to use with our grills, shaping them with our laser cutters and having avid grillers throughout America test them. Our grills may be manufactured elsewhere, but we never skimp on quality — because we open up and inspect every grill that arrives here on our floor. We focus our savings on making Grilla Grills a better product every day, while keeping our products budget-friendly for you.

Now we have an awesome grill line at an awesome price and we’ve sold more in the first three months than we have in the past three years. Not to mention, customers are loving them. (Just check out our Facebook to see what our customers are doing and saying about them.)

So that was the long answer about where Grilla Grills are manufactured. The change was a tough call, but the quality and price point of our grills matters the most. If you have further questions regarding where our Grilla Grills are made, please feel free to reach out. We’re open to your feedback, so call or email us today.

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