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“Why Would I Buy the Grilla?”

There Are So Many Reasons. But For the Sake of Brevity, Shane’ll Just Name a Few.

Grilla Grills’ journey in the grilling world started with a quirky idea and a dare to make it come to life. Just being unique or first does not make a flagship level product. You have to have quality, offer a professional level experience, be easy to use, and yield results greater than expected. I feel all of these things are true of the Grilla. In fact, many of the competition pit masters who own a Grilla have said that because of its shape, it is “able to put more smoke into the meat than any other pellet pit they have used.”

We feel the Grilla owner is looking for any combination of the following:

  • Small space requirement – Great for small decks or competition teams.
  • Unique design – For the owner who is looking to add something new to their backyard.
  • Mobility – The Grilla is so easy to move with its deployable third wheel. You no longer have to worry about where you cook since the Grilla can go wherever you want.
  • Flexibility – With the ability to cook from 180-500 degrees and swap out the flavor of pellets being used, you can get the results you want with ease.
  • Value – The Grilla has amazing features that don’t cause a jump in price.
  • Size – While the Grilla has a small footprint, don’t let that fool you: it will easily feed a family of 4-6 without a problem. You can fit any of the following with room to spare for other items: whole packer brisket, 20lb turkey, 2 whole pork shoulders, 3-4 racks of ribs, 3 whole chickens.
  • Efficiency – the Grilla’s size makes it a miser when it comes to wood pellet usage. There is no need to heat a large cavity and burn excess pellets. It’ll take just what it needs and leave the rest for later.
  • Quality – All of our pits are built to last, including stainless steel grates.

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